Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lifecasting is the new blogging

Voluntary submission to surveillance cameras, broadcasting and archiving your every move.

Sound like a Big Brother, New World Order, dystopian nightmare?

Nah. Just the Next Big Thing beyond micro-blogging (Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce).

It's called Lifecasting and it has no point, no meaning, no implicit purpose. That's good. The barren futility of 24/7 webcams makes this a territory the Enronish CEOs will not venture into, though they're already attempting to "do something" (product promotions and branded messaging) within it.

Enronish CEOs fear the transparency of blogging, along with the rough and tumble realm of blogocombat: trolls, flames, baiters, abusers, comment spammers, blogger-for-hire attack vectors (PayPerPost mal-text intrusions).

The old guard attacked blogging as drivel. "Too much noise per signal," they chanted, ignoring the fact that their beloved media was biased, trivial, and sensationalistic.

These blogophobes also ignored the fact that blogs by nature, in most cases, are self-edited, spontaneous, and specialized, burning with intensity, authenticity, and non-commercial credibility.

Now they're accusing Twitter and other tiny-journaling, asynchronous chat, link archiving, status update tools (aka micro-blogging) to be All Boredom, All the Time.


We want them to think that. So we can continue spreading our beliefs, activism, and goals more secretly, to the chosen few who can separate the wheat from the chaff.

I revel in MSM and pseudo-tech reports of "amateurs" usurping the traditional info domination systems. I delight in articles that show how clueless the traditional pundits and venues are.

I feel happy when I see greedy commercial failures, as they show their true colors in botched invasions of blogosphere, YouTube, Twitter,, Facebook, and Second Life.

Now some of us are moving into what is currently the ultimate in user-generated content.

Thanks to Justin Kan.

Why blog or twitter your life, feelings, and opinions, your music and your art, when you can broadcast it? All of it!

Why blog about eating a lobster sandwich, when you can show everybody you eating that lobster sandwich? While they listen to your original computer music! And see your paintings as backdrops to your make-shift video studio! And see your little brother run off with your wallet!

Ah, yes.

Nihilistic narcissism finally evolves from prolix, bookish blog posts, to brief and pithy thought bursts (Twitter), to return to the bigger picture of your mileau and daily activities (

Burning the retinas of intrusion machines, we self-inflict an auto-surveillance, a voluntary submission, with the beauty of banality that confounds our foes. By foes, I mean: the zealous enemies of democracy, free expression, and ethical business.

Lifecasting is the New Blogging.

It's buggy and sporadically reliable, but it's evolving at tremendous speed. From experimental universal infotainment.

It's all part of the movement sweeping the world: End of Stardom, Rise of Everyone. No more celebrity, now it's just you and me.

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