Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Digg & soaking in the pillows of forgetfulness

The "Digg Revolt" brought on by the HD DVD encryption code will be the Talk of the Web 2.0 World for a loooooong time? Maybe. It is certainly the 911 for DRM.

This is Cluetrain Triumphant. User-empowerment. And the MSM is avoiding the story, to their own detriment.


"how I got banned from Digg"


While I never advocate any criminal activity, this is Dada Deluxe. Digg is Digging itself, the bury button reigns supreme, mutiny and revolution are in the air, censorship and DRM are up for grabs, and the HD-DVDs can now be viewed on Linux and backup copies can be made.

DRM is the enemy of our Universal Content Utopia, which is almost entirely established via the internet.

"Spread This Number"


Digital Rights Management = greed, exploitation, miserly control over every fart that emanates from a "celebrity" or "star", for the fattening of the recording industry execs at the top of the slime pile.

DRM is evil. RIAA is evil. MPAA is evil.

Hopefully, this will also destroy Hollywood and ruin the fortunes of all film celebrities. Well, wishful thinking has a way of self-fulfilling, right? LOL

Just remember: the "dark" or "ugly" side of user-generated content is no "darker" or "uglier" than corporate, government, or religion-generated content.

The Bible and the Declaration of Independence are user-generated content.

This is a defining moment in the glorious history of User Generated Content vs. Domination Systems. This is the Hurricane Katrina of DRM and corporate control.

Vaspers is hooked on a feeling. A feeling of bliss that only one Web 2.0 tilting windmill can deliver: of course, I refer to Twitter.

To ease the burden of this humiliating habit, I send Twitter messages ("tweets") that tell other Twitters to delete each tweet as they send them. I tell them to click on the cute little garbage can at the end of each tweet. That deletes the tweet, see? Aren't I the clever one?

Keep clicking that garbage can, my dear fellow Twitterers.

I am a Twitter addict. See how it has affected me? I am not the same.

Anything that destroys DRM, the MSM, politicians, religion, and government as we know them and hate them, is pretty much alright with me.

PayPal me $100 and I’ll send you my FREE imaginary Twitter Addiction Recovery kit.

Act now and receive my “Winning Through Self-loathing” and "Secrets of Spiritual Lethargy" pretend self-help books as an added bonus.

Hurry. Supplies are non-existent!

Twitter has made me more apolitically radical, and I now listen to a lot of Billy Bragg music.

Clinton: "I did not have [very good] sex with that woman!"

Bush: "He has [imaginary] weapons of mass destruction!"

And you still believe in Republican or Democrat? I pity you.

I eat trolls for breakfast and spit at pseudo-bloggery in the eye.

This is the one. Can't {hardly} stop listening to The Charlatans UK "Between 10th & 11th" CD.

But I do [sometimes] listen also to "Smile" CD by Ride (pre-Oasis).

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