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clickable link buttons

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Take any image of your product or logo or book or symbol or photo, and make it clickable, then put it on all your wikis, blogs, and web sites.

I'll make you one if you need one. No charge. FREE Clickable Link Buttons. Ping me and get yours today.

"Now class," my [text deleted]

Now class pay attention to what is being said. This is yet another guaranteed way to zoom ahead of the competitors. You'll move so fast, it will blind them.

Secret: a button is more clickable than a text link. Think about it. A button is bigger, thus older readers will more easily see it and click it. Visually impaired people will love you. Everybody likes link buttons.

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How stupid can a company be? Many do not use clickable link buttons. But these little critters can drive tons of traffic to your site.

Especially if the image or wording is really cool and the button goes viral. Millions of blogs could end up putting your button in their sidebars.

Change the World says Successful dash Blog dot com

All these images are, or could be, clickable link buttons. I make my own, and buttons for companies I like. I do original designs and can incorporate any logo or photo, though I may want to test treating them to special effects and new color schemes.

Take any digital image, edit it by adding company name or logo to it, then re-sizing it down to sidebar dimensions (148 x 115 px for my sidebar), and there you go.

Clickable link buttons. Should be. Part of. Your Spread Campaign. Your Spread [company: Firefox, Awasu, Library Thing, YouTube, Caterpillar, etc.] Campaign.

"Powered by _____" buttons.

You see them everywhere and everybody has them, and users click on them, and sales are made, but nobody says much about them.

I create clickable link buttons constantly, for myself and companies I like.

Heck, let's be honest about it -- my sidebar is riddled with them. Look at all those graphic links. Those little photos. Them tiny pictures. The reduced dimensioned visual objects. Go on. Click on one or more.

clickable: Click it and off you go, to the site behind the button.

[graphic: Your logo, a photo of you, a photo of your building, a symbolic image are rendered in color and line, a designer's dream, to communicate something in a little sidebar badge.]

link: You use a simple HTML code to make any image, art, photo a visual link, an object your site visitors can use as a convenient, portable, transcendent stepping stone to get to you.

Find Code at Krugle

button: Its shape and contours, if any, invite users to pounce on it, click it, its a shiny geometric protuberance, a blog beauty mark, site blemish, a glistening invitation to touch and go.

Few, very few, companies have their act together on this.

Even web designers, artists, and sales geniuses fail to pay any attention to one of the Most Powerful Tools known to online marketing.

I will not insult your intelligence or waste your time with a laborious lesson in why you need to use clickable link buttons.

No matter what you sell or promote or announce, you need Clickable Link Buttons.

When your fans start Save Image As-ing your logo, blog symbol, or photo, and display them on their blogs, as cool looking links to your site, you know you've hit the big time.

Just add the proper Image Source code/tags to the A Href code/tags, and there you go: a clickable graphic link button. Now Copy and Paste it into your blog Sidebar Template. Publish the whole sour mess, and voila!

You got a Clickable Graphic Link Button now.

Aren't these little sales guys cool looking? Sales guys? Of course. Don't toy with me, buddy. You know that clickable link buttons are sales conduits.

Traffic builders.

Clickable link buttons show you care. You care about helping your satisfied enthusiastic customers to spread the word about you, via images.

You gotta love 'em. They dress up your blog. Your blog looks more sophisticated. Minimalistic design is good, but so is a tastefully designed pinball machine blog. Show off your creative skillets. Cook up some CLBs for your favorite sites or blogs or companies or products or musicians or books. Display them on your blog.

Your blogs and wikis and web sites need a "Spread ___________" or "Tell your friends about ___________" page. Make the link to that page, of course, a Clickable Link Button!

"Blog Bling"? Okay. It is like jewelry for your blog, I guess.

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You need to offer your customer evangelists, your unpaid promoters, your networked fans and chatty allies, a Variety of Sizes, Colors, Sayings.

Give people choices, so they feel more in control of the free PR they're happily providing you.

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