Wednesday, July 05, 2006

hate drives the blogosphere, you idiot!

No, my little lad, it's not sex and political punditry that drives the blogosphere. It's hate.

I mean, blogs began in January 1992 with Tim Berners-Lee's "What's New" page.

Then it moved onward through all the pioneers you know already:

Marc Andreessen (What's New), Justin Hall (Links from the Underground), Carolyn Burke (Online Diary), Michael Sippey, Dave Winer (Scripting News), Rob Malda (SlashDot), Jorn Barger (Robot Wisdom), Cameron Barret (CamWorld), Peter Merholz, Andrew Zeepo, Brad Fitzpatrick (LiveJournal), Doc Searls, Evan Williams (Blogger, EvHead)...etc.

Blogs began as technical communications between geeks. Then they quickly evolved, in a quantum leap, into digital journals, but still with a professional orientation, not "I ate a cheese sandwich today."

From tech personal personal drivel/confessional what we have now.

What do we have now? Blogosphere under attack from business morons, Pseudo Bloggery, [certain elements of the] MSM, MySpace toilet heads, sex maniacs, online predators, smut machines, Non Human vampire RSS blogs,
political crazy blogs, and PayPerPost blog whoring.

What drives the blogosphere now? HATE. Even if I have to spearhead the whole mess all by myself, with Randy Primm, Mr. Angry, Disgruntled Car Salesman, Tinbasher, and others fighting by my side, sometimes taking over the battle plans.

We'd like to welcome the, what I call, Music Hate Machine, to our New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.

If you have no HATE, delete your blog.

If you refuse to ATTACK the exploitation and mediocrity in this world, delete your blog.

If you don't have any balls or castration blades, delete your blog.

If you support the myth of government, delete your blog.

If you think success is measured by fickle popularity or unreliable riches and fame, delete your blog.

Delete your blog now.



carrie said...

i LOVE the music hate machine! thanks for the link to it. it is cool. and funny. i was not insulted, though.

steven edward streight said...

I got this link from a site called Dustbury, who blogrolls me and sometimes mocks me, so I love that blog.

I typed in Stereolab, and there was a nasty review of a good LP by them "cobra and phases group..." and I laughed at the pure venom in it.

There's even a message like "send this scathing review to the band".

Very hip. Glad you like it. I was thinking of you when I posted the link.