Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blog Savagery

Blog Savagery

The poor bloated blogosphere has way more Nice Bloggers than it can comfortably afford to support. They sicken its stomach. The blogosphere is wishing it could vomit out all the Nice Bloggers.

Nice Bloggers are selfish. They want everyone to like them. They refuse to get angry about anything. They will not take a stand on any vital issue.

Nice Bloggers are callous. They're oblivious to the suffering and injustices others experience. The world, to them, is fine and dandy, as long as they're doing well in it. Wait and see what happens when it all goes nuts on them, as it will, it always does.

Nice Bloggers are rotten. They've been pampered and softened into walking blobs of mindless oatmeal. They have no backbone, no courage, no authenticity. It's totally fake to reprimand someone for silly, inconsequential, imaginary details, then hypocritically smile and inquire into their personal family matters, like a trusted confidante. But this is done to save face, two-facedly, a twin and double facade.

To swallow bitter realizations, then freeze frame a mutualized smile, and act completely at ease while plotting the total demolishing of your opponent, this is blog savagery finesse.

You must know how to package a retaliation in superior strategy and total secrecy.

Blogosphere 4.0 will not be stuffed with Nice Bloggers, or bloggers who try to compromise and make peace with the MSM and other information hegemony curmudgeons. Surly, arrogant, and prone to stare impolitely at other people's tragedies, these foes to the blogosphere shall face utter and total defeat.

We're almost there already. You see it unfold with great beauty and hate. The end of The Powers That Pretend To Be.

What's needed now is a great deal more Blog Savagery.

"Savage" comes from the Latin: silvaticus "wild", silva "wood". A savage is thus someone who is from the forest, actually, to be quite frank with you, let me sally forth to announce:

savage = an unsophisticate, a ruffian, brawler, head-butter, uncivilized authenticity.

When a savage doesn't like you, you know it immediately. A savage takes a stand on every issue, and you are fully aware of what those stances are. The savage gets his message across quickly, hotly, translucently.

Can you promise your thanksgiving turkey that it didn't die in vain, that it is martyred for a good cause, for the advancement of digital savagery, authenticity, aggressivity?

I'm not saying "be a bad person". Quite the contrary. I want you, and all sentient beings, to be good. Especially: be good to me.

What I'm saying is drop the mask, the "civilized" (city-fied) style, get fired up about something, make your life really count for something with social impact, even if you affect only a few other people. So what?

If you influence only one person, in a positive way, during your entire life, your life has had great value. Some people do nothing for others, purely because it's the right thing to do. It always had to be in their unenlightened self-interest to do anything.

Enlightenment means simply seeing the Other, always, with no lapses. You suddenly and permanently realize that good is better than bad, victory better than defeat, self-control better than instant gratification, etc. But most importantly, you primarily see that you were born to serve.

Born to serve. Each one of us, with no excuses. Corporations with a genuine passion and love for a certain solution to a problem, the solution that their product provides, tend to be more successful and prosperous than companies selling a product just to make a fast buck.

Savage. The dweller among untamed wilderness. It's wildness in the best sense of the word. Ability to survive in harsh and unfriendly environments.

Are you in a hard spot?

Are you ever in hostile surroundings?

Do you ever have forces opposing you and your ideals?

Then: get savage.

Savage, of vegetal anarchy, the untamed, the other than human, the more than human.


Julie DuRose said...

I remember a great quote from "The Interpreter":

Vengeance is a lazy form of grief.

Julie DuRose said...

I remember a great quote from "The Interpreter":

Vengeance is a lazy form of grief.

steven edward streight said...

Grief is a self-centered form of mourning the loss of a personalized super-normal internalized object choice, that draws over-compensating narcissitic energies from the grandeur of the subject's myopic delusions.

In other words, grief is introspective self-pity pretending to be servile many cases.

Thus, don't "rage", retaliate, when appropriate for the benefit of humanity, and not just for self-interest.