Monday, October 31, 2005

Matador Records rides the Cluetrain to glory

Matador Records
rides the Cluetrain
to glory

[EDIT NOTE: All photos in this post are of the music band Pavement.]

One of the assumptions, proven all over the place, of the new blogo-webocentric Online Economy and Body Militant:

give away tons of free samples
and if possible, the entire product
in its best version and build.

Matador Records free MP3 archives is ahead of the curve.

It's not a net label that has only online music.

Matador is a regular real world, non-virtual record company that provides some of what is clearly, unquestionably, the best alt rock in this world.

Guess what? They not only have stuff to sell, they also have lots of free MP3s you can right click to Save Link As and download, then open in your MP3 player.

All record label, and individual artist, web sites should offer free MP3s of the music their bands make. The free sample is a powerful, proven, predictable way to massively increase sales. For example, the group Dead Meadow announces its "Unreleased MP3 Series" as a treat for online fans. They provide music you can't get at the offline record stores.

Free product results in craving for more, and thus, sales are made.

I compiled a playlist of Matador Records free MP3s that I enjoy so much, I'd like to share it with you now.

Matador Sampler playlist:

(1) Stephen Malkmus "Baby C'mon"
(2) Mission of Burma "Dirt"
(3) The Wisdom of Harry "Sports Boy"
(4) Console "14 zero zero"
(5) Richard Hell "Don't Die"
(6) Pavement "Spit on a Stranger"
(7) Pavement "Here"
(8) Stephen Malkmus "Us"
(9) Pavement "All My Friends"
(10) Stephen Malkmus "The Hook"
(11) Pavement "Greenlander"
(12) Guided By Voices "My Kind of Soldier"
(13) Preston School of Industry "Get Your Crayons Out"
(14) The Double "Idiocy"
(15) Guided By Voices "Gonna Never Have To Die"
(16) The Soft Boys "Mr. Kennedy"
(17) Guided By Voices "The Best of Jill Hives"
(18) Guided By Voices "Of Mites and Men"
(19) Guided By Voices "Father Sgt. Christmas Card"
(20) Stephen Malkmus "(Do Not Feed the) Oyster"
(21) Cat Power "The Greatest"

Stephen Malkmus is the vocal stylist of Pavement. Pavement is one of the most intelligent, artistic, and melodic rock bands ever. There's something about the vocal stylings of Stephen Malkmus that just connects with me, and makes me happy, in addition to the creative, unusual lyrics.

Cat Power's "The Greatest" is astonishingly beautiful. Women will like it tremendously, I'm sure.

Console "14 zero zero" is so amazing, strange, and delightful, it's difficult to describe. A heliumistic delirious disco deconstruction zinger that inhabits your head and heart.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Auto-corrective aspects of the blogosphere

Auto-corrective aspects
of the blogosphere

Forget fears of anonymous bloggers, with no accountability and no vulnerability, swarming a helpless individual or company.

Forget massive deception and misinformation flooding the blogosphere.

These are the pseudo-dangers the MSM sometimes, in humiliating desperation, attempts to sling around.

The blogosphere is not a passive medium that can be overwhelmed with unquestioned error. It's an active, a hyper-active arena in which turbulence is progressive energy and aggressive conviction fuels the engines.

If one blogger starts claiming something to be true, others bloggers and blog readers-commenters will investigate the qualifications of this blogger, judge the objective merits of the claim, try to verify sources and evaluate their credibility, then either agree or argue.

A deliberate lie will be smothered in negative comments, trackbacks, and posts at other blogs.

There are massive numbers of blogs on every conceivable topic and for a large range of applications, from slow chat room personal blogs to scientific project collab intranet blogs.

Bloggers watch each other, policing each others posts and links.

News travels so quickly in the blogosphere, a bad or false idea has little chance of survival, except through some miracle of escaping attention, going under the radar in a strategic incognito mode.

Blogs of a feather flock together--to question, to ridicule, to challenge any idea or alleged facts presented by fellow bloggers.

Bloggers email each other, they use RSS feeds and email subscription services, and they monitor the conversations occuring in the blogosphere via various tracking systems and monitoring techniques, many of which are not divulged.

In fact, we have many secrets we're unwilling to share with just anybody. One of these secrets is how and why the MSM will fool, fail, and fall.

There are other self-regulating aspects of the blogosphere, and when you consider them all, and the incredible velocity of their enforcement, you can no longer seriously maintain that the blogosphere is a realm of random anarchy and irresponsibility, full of unseemly, unfairly influential psycho-jabbering by losers and nobodies.

Quite the reverse.

Viva Le Blog.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


la mort de la vie

la mort de la vie

Leave me to my battlements,
ask not about my sentiments.

I'll rage against this place
until I'm no longer able;
not underneath the table
hiding with a covered face.

When the last words you hear
from a dying person are
"I love you"

over and over again

every day on the phone

and you
couldn't go
see the person
you couldn't be there--
you wither inside
along with that person.

And now the end is near.

And now the person's body
is on its own
with no self inside,
and almost no hope.

Swiftly death closes in
as soul & memory evaporate.

This cannot be happening.
It is happening.

It happens to all.

Hating it won't make it go away.

Makes me fight more fiercely.
Makes me swear to destroy.

I shall indeed destroy

what I decide to hate,

over and over again

until I myself collapse

and sink into what

is not,

what is

no longer me.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Sunday, October 30, 2005

spooky blogger halloween costume

spooky blogger
halloween costume

I urge any seamstresses and masquerade supplies manufacturers, who read this blog, to make this spooky Halloween costume:

the Scary Free Thought Blogger.

What a dreadfully creepy, horrifying monster: the average blogger.

Then there's the aggressively hardcore, fight-picking, confrontational, smart mouthed Anti-MSM Blogger. A real source of fright for grown up men and semi-human CEOs.

Our faithful, loyal, trustworthy and honorable Main Stream Media folks, whom the ignorant rant-mongers call, disrespectfully, the "morbid stream media" due to its alleged hyper-gloomy bias to woe and fear...

...these dignified guardians of public consensus tell us to beware.

Beware the low down, mean and dirty, pajama wearing, pizza eating, coffee abusing B-L-O-G-G-E-R.

The word "blog" is ugly.

We like that. We want you to see us as ugly, mean-spirited, hateful, attacking, destroying, intimidating, disrespectful, cynical, jaded, wounded, and invincible.

We are all of the above, and more.

The MSM and all blogopathic liars shall feel our WRATH.

Let me be perfectly clear:

most hardcore bloggers HATE the MSM with a feverishly delirious passion.

We are the accumulated voice of The Consumer.

Now, it's our turn to tell the story, to speak up and out, to command and dictate the way things are going to be around here from now on.

We absolutely love to fight.

That's what blogs are all about. Fighting the clutter, the scams, the Unilateral Communication Hegemony of MSM and Mass Broadcast Mentality...

...AND bloggers attack the irrelevant, the over-hyped, the hidden, the misleading, the non-interactive, the aloof, the greedy, the unusable, the self-righteously corrupt institutions and outmoded traditions.

Dress spooky this Helloween.

Dress like something that is truly scary.

Dress like a Hardcore Anti-MSM, Free Thought Blogger.

I know a few nations that will tremble. And a couple companies. Plus...lots of journalists, like Dan Rather.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Saturday, October 29, 2005

MSM please hurry up and die

MSM please hurry up and die

The latest attack on the blogosphere by idiots at Forbes magazine is typical of the rotting, stinking corpse of the MSM.

Forbes sucks.

God, I wish the MSM would just kill itself. Oh wait, it is doing just that. The MSM is way beyond simply "shooting itself in the foot." It's more like "shooting itself in the butt"...or the head, I can't tell the difference.

The blogosphere is helping the MSM. We bloggers are offering assisted suicide services to unplug the life support system of the MSM.

Network television news, radio talk shows, newspapers, the entire edifice is crumbling. Polls indicate that public trust in the Morbid Stream Media is declining rapidly, down to about 30% from what I last heard.

Please, MSM, hurry up and die. We are all sick of looking at your ugly frowning faces, your negative bias, your hatred of goodness and heroism. Your fear mongering and outright lies, a la Dan Rather, are disgusting.

There are some exceptions. I still like C-Span, Book TV, some PBS programs, maybe a few others. But the vast majority of the MSM is dead and the stench of its decomposition is annoying.

Bloggers unite. Make the MSM liars feel your WRATH. Rise up and topple the towering infernos of mainstream journalism. They are digging their own graves metaphorically. All the MSM needs now is a gentle shove, and down the institution will go, into the lake of fire of their own lies and bias.

Fires of media hell are always self-generated by the scumbags presiding at the top.

I spit on the grave of the MSM.

I laugh at the MSM's pathetic attempts to defend itself.

Die, MSM, die. Get it over with. We hate you and we want you to be gone...forever.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Forbes stupidly attacks blogosphere

Forbes stupidly attacks blogosphere

Friends, I have to go attend a family emergency right now.

But I just got an alert from Google in my Gmail inbox, an alert that we all need to pay attention to.

WebProNews, Micropersuasion, BL Ochman, and others are responding to this, bless them. (Attack of the Blogs art image found at WebProNews.)

Look at just a small excerpt of this ridiculous article in the distinguished tradition of Psycho-Capitalist, Totalitarian Thought Control, Anti-Democracy, Mammonist, Money-Worship, Consumer Fraud belief system, appearing in Forbes.

Attack of the Blogs


Blogs started a few years ago as a simple way for people to keep online diaries.

[STREIGHT/VASPERS: bullshit #1. Blogs began as geeks listed links to technical information and software offerings, not as pesonal journals. Screwed up journalism strikes again in ignorance.]

Suddenly they are the ultimate vehicle for brand-bashing, personal attacks, political extremism and smear campaigns.

[STREIGHT/VASPERS: Typical brain dead MSM accusation. Rather than "they can be", Forbes says "they ARE..." Irresponsible journalism, incompetent liars. The blogosphere is successfully annihilating the MSM, and its rotting corpse is now twitching and vomiting hate all over the place.]

It's not easy to fight back: Often a bashing victim can't even figure out who his attacker is. No target is too mighty, or too obscure, for this new and virulent strain of oratory.

[STREIGHT/VASPERS: Ha ha ha. Take that, Morbid Stream Media twerps!]

Microsoft has been hammered by bloggers; so have CBS, CNN and ABC News, two research boutiques that criticized IBM's Notes software, the maker of Kryptonite bike locks, a Virginia congressman outed as a homosexual and dozens of other victims--even a right-wing blogger who dared defend a blog-mob scapegoat.

"Bloggers are more of a threat than people realize, and they are only going to get more toxic. This is the new reality," says Peter Blackshaw, chief marketing officer at Intelliseek, a Cincinnati firm that sifts through millions of blogs to provide watch-your-back service to 75 clients, including Procter & Gamble and Ford. "The potential for brand damage is really high,"says Frank Shaw, executive vice president at Microsoft's main public relations firm, Waggener Edstrom. "There is bad information out there in the blog space, and you have only hours to get ahead of it and cut it off, especially if it's juicy."

Some companies now use blogs as a weapon, unleashing swarms of critics on their rivals.

[STREIGHT/VASPER: Freedom of expression declared to be "a weapon". Right. It is. I said recently that the blogosphere is a weapon--learn how to use it. Now Forbes rightly agrees, but in a whining manner.]

"I'd say 50% to 60% of attacks are sponsored by competitors," says Bruce Fischman, a lawyer in Miami for targets of online abuse. He says he represents a high-tech firm thrashed by blogs that were secretly funded by a rival; the parties are in talks to settle out of court.

One blog, Groklaw, exists primarily to bash software maker SCOGroup in its Linux patent lawsuit against IBM, producing laughably biased, pro-IBMcoverage; its origins are a mystery (see box, p. 136).

The online haters have formidable allies amplifying their tirades to a potential worldwide audience of 900 million: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, plus a raft of other blog hosts.

Google is the largest player; its site attracts 15 million visitors a month, more than each of the Web sites of the New York Times, USAToday and the Washington Post. An upstart, Six Apart in SanFrancisco, owns three blogging services--TypePad, LiveJournal and Movable Type--that together run a strong second to Google.


This is just an excerpt. Read the whole article at Forbes. Laugh and howl at their idiotic whining and fear.

Bloggers: they will respect us, or feel our WRATH.

Viva Le Blogs!

[signed] Vaspers the Grate aka Steven Streight


True Law of Blogs and Universe

True Law of
Blogs and Universe

There is a nice buddhist mahayana text called The Lotus of the True Law, which led up to my second spiritual awakening, a rare re-start granted to me.

The "true law" is simple, and everyone knows it: all things arise, change, and pass away.

Some buddhist thinkers claim, as does this text, that a profound understanding of this law will result in personal supernatural powers.

Materialistic people will scoff at this and ridicule the "otherworldliness" as a myth and a vain wish. But those of us on an immaterialism path, of whatever faith or philosophy, know these assertions to be true, real, and easily obtained in the right frame of mind.

All things arise.

You see them, hear them, notice them.

All things change.

You lose your "comfort zone" and are forced to deal with variation, evolution, transformation in every object and aspect of life.

All things pass away.

This is the point I want to emphasize and make abundantly clear.

I guess what I want to urge you to do is to remember: You Snooze, You Lose.

Strike while the iron is hot.

He who hesitates is lost (attributed to Napoleon).

For everything (turn turn turn) there is a season (turn turn turn).

The old Byrds song from Ecclesiastes, the most cynical and wonderful spiritual philosophy text ever written. "All is vanity (boredom, meaningless, empty)", i.e, in the materialistic realm.

Yet, in light of the transitory nature of materialistic things, including the mind, Ecclesiastes instructs us to "enjoy your job, be satisfied with your work, your hobby, your life--and seek the Creator".

To eat, drink, and enjoy your lot in life, as much as you can. The tsunami and hurricane victims can say "Amen!" to how everything can be wiped out in a moment. Also, those foolish enough to engage in shopping and financial transactions online, then are victims of Identity Theft.

LESSON: when you see something you need or want, grab it. Ethically and legally, of course, but aggressively and suddenly, whenever possible. But also, try to be content, derive maximum satisfaction from what you DO have now.

EXAMPLE: You see something online, at some web site. A free download, that you trust will not be loaded with malware (virus, Trojan, etc.). Well, you better download it now, or it may not be available the next time you visit the site.

A customer at a record store asks the sales clerk if they have, for example, a certain Deerhoof album on CD. They don't. So the customer asks if they can special order it. It's out of print, or no distributor carries the title.

The customer saw that Deerhoof CD a few weeks ago, but failed to buy it. Now, it's too late, and they may never have it--ethically and legally, that is.

I am against illegal downloading and file sharing. But I think the record industry is insanely greedy and selfish, too. All music bands should provide some free MP3s as samples, that consumers may freely download and do whatever they want with. This is good marketing, and will help the band to become popular and successful. Yet, how many do it?

Refuse to buy music from bands who are greedy and selfish. Boycott the major labels. Let the fat cat record label executives starve and scrounge around for a dollar in the dirt. It'll be good for them. May lead to ultimate enlightenment.

Download legal, free MP3s from net labels instead. It's much better music anyway, the material available from such artists as Rene Vis,

The Apartment, Chenard Walcker, Seven Central and Mountain, Eddie the Rat, Bromp Treb, Full Load of King, etc. (See my blog sidebar links to Weirdo Music, Comfort Stand, Puzzling Recordings, Ubu Web).

All things pass away.

The United Nations is desperately trying to gain total control of the Internet. Did you know that? Would like the assholes in communist China to repress your blog? How about the scumbag government of Iran or North Korea? They want to censor you and your blog. The unbridled blogosphere is driving them crazy.

Root servers are the target of attack. Currently, the United States, a far from perfect country, has jurisdiction over the root servers. But we Americans pretty much invented and continue to maintain the Internet, not the butt wipes at the United Nations. (Oil For Food scandal mongers, and "peace-keeping" UN rapists in Africa.)

Please see "Will the Internet become the UNternet?" article

at Tech Central Station for more information on this bitter battle.

All things pass away.

Even the Internet, your blog, your sanity, your health, your marriage, your family, your home, your life savings, your spirituality...

...everything can be stolen from you, destroyed, made to suddenly vanish.

Let's be aggressive in obtaining what we need and want.

And let's be appreciative, very thankful, for what we do have now.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shortwave Spy Radio?

Shortwave Spy Radio?

I've been investigating the audio material and music over at Archives dot org.

Here's a strange entry about The Conet Project: Shortwave Numbers Stations.

Have you ever heard really strange shortwave radio noises? Maybe this article holds some answers about it.


For more than 30 years the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the worlds intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of “Numbers Stations”.

Shortwave Numbers Stations are a perfect method of anonymous, one way communication. Spies located anywhere in the world can be communicated to by their masters via small, locally available, and unmodified Shortwave receivers. The encryption system used by Numbers Stations, known as a “one time pad” is unbreakable. Combine this with the fact that it is almost impossible to track down the message recipients once they are inserted into the enemy country, it becomes clear just how powerful the Numbers Station system is.

These stations use very rigid schedules, and transmit in many different languages, employing male and female voices repeating strings of numbers or phonetic letters day and night, all year round.

The voices are of varying pitches and intonation; there is even a German station (The Swedish Rhapsody) that transmits a female child's voice!

One might think that these espionage activities should have wound down considerably since the official “end of the cold war”, but nothing could be further from the truth. Numbers Stations (and by inference, spies) are as busy as ever, with many new and bizarre stations appearing since the fall of the Berlin wall.

Why is it that in over 30 years, the phenomenon of Numbers Stations has gone almost totally unreported? What are the agencies behind the Numbers Stations, and why are the eastern European stations still on the air? Why does the Czech republic operate a Numbers Station 24 hours a day? How is it that Numbers Stations are allowed to interfere with essential radio services like air traffic control and shipping without having to answer to anybody? Why does the “Swedish Rhapsody” Numbers Station use a small girls voice?

These are just some of the questions that remain unanswered.

Now you will be able to hear this unique and extraordinary phenomenon for yourself, as Irdial-Discs releases THE CONET PROJECT: the first comprehensive collection of Numbers Stations recordings released to the public.

This Quadruple CD is an important historical reference work for research into this hitherto unreported and unknown field of espionage. The CDs contain 150 recordings spanning the last twenty years; taken from the private archives of dedicated shortwave radio listeners from around the world.


Weird Spam Blogs

Weird Spam Blogs

Friends, I've got to tell you: the blogosphere is getting rather strange.

If you've never seen a Spam Blog, Pseudo Blog, Link Farm Blog, or other blogoid nonsense, you need to look at this.

When I searched Technorati "Other Blogs That Link To" for Vaspers the Grate, I found this blog "Pharm Facts". No profile. No About link, but a sentence in sidebar about the blog being about facts regarding pharmaceutics [sic].

This pseudo blog was linking to my post "Truth Trust Campaign", ironically enough.

Here is the entire post:


pharm facts news: Truth Trust Campaign

WANT to read full article of pharm facts category? Click link above.

, clink clone, pharm-phish, spoofer, baiter, linkfarmer, textlink fraud, identity theft, anonymous...-Authoritative: researched facts, probing questions, justified disgrunting, lavish information extraction

WANT to learn more about pharm facts? Click link below.

Vaspers the Grate
More pharm facts blogs

posted by pharman at 7:55 AM


I flagged it for objectionable content via the new Blogger flag device.

This is just another example of blog abuse, trying to use blogs to boost the SE ranking of a site, or whatever it is they're trying to do. Why they link to me, I'm not sure exactly. But the link "More pharmfacts blogs" indicates to me it's a Spam or Link Farm blog, designed to create link popularity for, or drive traffic to, a spurious site.

I guess this is being used to trick people into ordering drugs. Why anyone would trust an online pharmaceutical supply source is beyond me.

How would you know what it was that is in the pills? They say it's Vicodin or Viagra, but how do you know? Stupid, huh?

There is no real content here in this piece of garbage, this wretched, miserable blog-like web object.

It appears to be a blog, but it's not. It's a pseudo blog.

Avoid them.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Death and Tech Doc

Death and Tech Doc

A weird post today, friends.

Dealing with both Death and Technical Documentation.

If you design any product, software, whatever, and fail to include easy, Blogger 1-2-3 type step by step instructions...

...your product is doomed to die.

Technical Documentation is vital to the success, the very life of any product or service.

Death is a Killer

Someone close to me is fading away, and with them goes a huge chunk of me.

Stop and think about what life will be like when someone you know dies. Older or younger, it doesn't matter. People die every day. You could be next. Or I.

Life Itself has some usability problems that we humans cannot solve. It does no good to say that we have the seasons to symbolize birth decay death cycle. The heart grieves regardless of platitudes and infinitudes.

To watch someone suffer helplessly, swiftly moving along with a current no one can control, speeding rapidly to Death, this is horrible. The pain, the anguished eyes looking to me to do something, but not much can be done.

Many faiths and philosophies speak of death. I hope we can all discover the truth about life and death and whatever may be after. I have my private beliefs about all this, and they are some comfort, but not much.

Is it me that is hurt by the death of others...or do I weep for them and their suffering too? Some psychologists feel we cannot mourn anything but our being deprived of their presence. Whatever. I do know that I can partially emphasize, imagine being in that person's predicament.

When the whole world is dissolving for a person, as they begin to go down the path to exit this world, new thoughts occur. What do dying people think about? How can they refuse to seek the Creator, even if they can't "prove" one exists?

Tech Doc Problems

I'm having tons of problems with software that fails to include well written technical documentation. Going round and round in user forums and Help files to resolve certain issues relevant to my personal hobbies and to this blog.

Audacity, with which I create electronic ambient music, cannot directly convert files to MP3, which is a proprietary product. So I'm instructed to use LAME, but I'm having trouble with that, opening the MP3 encoding file.

So I'm trying to use iTunes to convert songs from a CD, or actually, more precisely, a Playlist of WAV files that I can burn directly to a CD, to MP3.

I'm closer to posting MP3s of my original music compositions, instrumental electronic works, here at Vaspers the Grate. I finally discovered how to convert CD audio WAV files to MP3 in iTunes.

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Importing > Import Using > MP3 Encoder > OK

This is the task path.

But it took me a few days to nail it down, being new to digital audio processing.

It's been a while since I wrote anything on Technical Documentation Techniques, but all this frustration is forcing me to revisit this hugely important skill.

Never assume that users "already know" anything. Users can be seniors new to computers or IT guys and gals at big corporations.

You must never assume that users "already know" any key steps to accomplishing a goal. Think "how could someone misinterpret this?" or "what should I tell them not to do, or avoid doing, as I tell them what to do?"

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Creativity in Blogs and Music

Creativity in Blogs and Music

[EDIT UPDATE: I meant to mention men and women, gentle readers, that a relative of avant garde composer John Cage telephoned me last night, right before my own music composing session.

Cage wrote often of "chance operations" that result in art and anecdotes. A double coincidence: I had just downloaded the rare album "John Cage meets Sun Ra" (two of my favorite odd musicians) from Ubu Web.

This relative, guy named Jerry Davis, is researching my relative, one Howard Streight, who apparently was a modestly famous artist. I have had a link to info about Howard on my Art Test Explosion site, for over a year now. That's how he tracked me down, a living relative of the artist he was researching. A link that paid off.

See? You need lots of links in your blog or web site, for added value to your readers.]

I don't intend to turn this web usability blog into a "music blog", nor should you even care what music I like, but I pass on these items in the spirit of revealing my creative processes and productions.

The hope is that this information on music, legal music downloading, and free avant garde music downloads inspires you, if not actually able to please or guide you. Your ultimate practical benefit is in mind, as always.

Creativity in blogs and music are very intimately connected for me, in my own ultra-personal life. I listen to all kinds of music as I work on the computer, right now I'm listening to new favorite unknown genius artist: RENE VIS.

At the Rene Vis music web site,

Rene offers several albums for individual song downloads.

I plan to download all of it.

His instrumentals ("Arvytronics" oddly called) are not quite as strong, judging from the few I've heard, as his vocal-music mixes. The non-vocal material seems to be just "okay" techno type jams.

But his vocal songs!

These jingle jangles remind me of a delightful blend of The Residents electro juiciness, Severed Heads triumphant synthesizer stampedes, Joy Division or New Order melodic rock, and Pearls Before Swine psychedelic folk. I"ve downloaded "Captured in Realica", "Train is Passing", "They don't know what I am about" albums entirely or partially, so far.

Songs by Rene Vis that are highly recommended: "Back to Radio", "Honesty Got Lots of Spies", "War Machines Remix", "Honey Lips and Fingertips", "They don't know what I am about", "Over the Mountains", "How Many Songs", "Swansborough Bridge", "Black Vinyl", "Creatures of Conscience", "Teen-ager Man-ager", "Friday Night Forever", "Land of Fun", "Captured in Realica", "Fishes in a Tree"...

...I could go on and on.

If you like bouncy, juicy sythesizer rock, with often very profound and funny lyrics, you can count on Rene Vis to deliver. Innovative and highly enjoyable. Songs that you'll want to repeat play over and over, LOUD. Yeah buddy.

Even if you don't like the music I like or make, still, you can learn something from, for example, song and album titles, or CD cover art. I mean, you can actually learn from, or be inspired by, art in other realms.

Creative process in blogging is similar to what it is anywhere else, in music, cooking, sewing, sculpture, literature, horticulture, painting, mothering, architecture, birding, chess, engineering, sales, marketing.

You familiarize yourself witht the currently most popular *and* the early pioneers and historically acclaimed geniuses. Do NOT stick with only one or the other.

I suggest you balance historical pioneer familiarity with attention to contemporary, popular successes in your field. That will prevent you from being a mere imitative opportunistic dabbler, or a purely theoretical ivory tower aloof bore.

Last night, from about 10PM to 4AM, I worked on a new Steven Streight CompuMusik, my name for what I do when I mutilate sonic electric air.

Why "Audacity Crash Analysis music"?

I had to play re-booter all night long with this. So this is a true "bootleg" recording, requiring constant re-starting of the sound studio.

My Audacity audio editor tool, is a free download that I'm just learning how to work. I can already, intuitively, usually make it do most of what I want to do. But what happened last night?

The goofy thing kept crashing 9 out of 10 times I tried to add an effect on a segment of the sound path.

I suspect that my virtual memory is low for all that I try to do simultaneously. So I close out any windows I'm not using, rather than minimizing them for fast display. I need to defragment my hard drive, empty recycle bin, clean up unused desktop icons, delete cookies, and whatever else I can think of to free up space.

Suggestions from my betters are always welcome.

And, crabby obsessive that I am, I kept forcing it to obey me, over and over and over we struggled like Jacob and the Angel, and the invisible cosmic conflict resulted, through much anguish, and not a few actual pagan cuss words, in my new album.


Steven Streight CompuMusik

"Christian Noise Metaphysics"


1. inside the thought cube (3:47)
2. digital angel jazz piece (4:53)
3. ethereal nature setting (7:35)
4. mental exploration zone (5:04)
5. spiritual swarm attack mode (2:05)
6. life pulsations booster (1:46)
7. filibration-2 (2:52)
8. the day is bright (4:08)
9. desert monk meditation (7:38)
10. the glow (3:18)
11. returnity (16:01)

SSC-003, this third one is all instrumental, no voice, and is far more melodic, songy, softer, gentler than the others, the previous two Audacity-powered computer music albums I recorded a week days ago ("universings" SSC-001 and "New Sounds of Electricity" SSC-002).

I'm working as hard and fast as I can to get MP3s of SSCM music on this blog, hosted at Archives dot org, on Ubu Web, and so forth.

What I hope everyone, all my readers get out of this post, is how to aggressively make art come true, how to assist it in its struggle to survive, how to promote it and describe it, how to tantalize and satisfy.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Monday, October 24, 2005

Buy BLOG by Hugh Hewitt

Buy BLOG by Hugh Hewitt

Look. I don't have time to mess around with anybody today.

I'm forced by temporal constraints to be even more blunt and explosive than usual. More indelicate and abrupt.

So, leaving the cadaver of language to twitch in code overload, overlorded by its shadow, which all men call "thought", let us proceed to the uncanny canine instinct buzz-build:

I don't care who you are, or think you are, go.

Go now.

Go buy Hugh Hewitt's book BLOG.

I'm a Johnny-come-lately to this book which has been out for some months now. Like a first class idiot, I failed to drool sufficiently for this food. Now at long last, the plate has arrived, and like a ravenous arctic wolf, I am devouring it with great glee and flashes of flashy insight.

He seems to think like I do about the MSM, the blog revolution, and the blogosphere. Which means, of course, that he's right about those topics. Chapter called "Blog Swarms and Opinion Storms" is good analysis of decentralized military strategy, cluster and attack from all directions all at once, then disappear. Which is how the blogocombat trooper operates.

Hear that hammer pounding? Here, on the door of your little reality?

It's the new Luther, called the Blog, and he's nailing the new regime's manifesto onto your forehead.

Hugh Hewitt is preparing the path, and if you don't follow it down the road to the Universalization of Web Content, you'll be a worthless as someone who thinks cave paintings and smoke signals are leading edge communication. Er, no offense meant to cave and smoke artists.

The "I don't get it" excuse is inexcusable now, thanks to Hugh Hewitt's BLOG, the book I mean, called BLOG, which is subtitled: "Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World."

Go NOW. Go BUY it. Go READ it. NOW.

Those who scoff at, dismiss, and ignore blogs will live to regret it. Ask the politicians and journalists who got swept away with The WRATH of the Blogosphere.

The Blogosphere, little do they realize it, is a Weapon. Learn how to use it.

I'll be posting some excerpts from Hewitt, and my reactions to them, here, at this blog, in coming days.

[sighed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Flock the Social Blogger Browser

Flock the Social Blog Browser

Ready to try a new browser?

A browser that makes blogging, tagging, and social networking easier?

A browser based on open source Mozilla code base?

A browser that is currently available ONLY in a developer's trial version? (Public release of beta is scheduled for December 13, 2005).


About Flock

Flock build 0.4.9
(Developer Version w/bugs & security risks)

Read what C|NET has to say about it.


"New browser gives taste of Web 2.0"

A small team of developers in California on Friday launched a cutting-edge Firefox-based Web browser dubbed Flock, which integrates next-generation Web technologies such as RSS content feeds, blogs and bookmark and photo sharing.

The team of developers was spearheaded by Bart Decrem, who is well known in the open-source community due to his involvement in the Mozilla Foundation and his ill-fated start-up Eazel, which from 1999 until its demise in 2001 aimed to bring greater usability features to the Linux desktop.

"Indeed the time is upon us," wrote Flock co-founder Geoffrey Arone on his blog shortly before the release. "We are gearing up to allow public, unrestricted downloads of the Flock browser within the next couple of hours."

"Please note that this is a developer preview and that there are still plenty of bugs, many of which we are aware of."

The new browser's look

The public unveiling comes after Decrem this week e-mailed invitations to try his new software to a select group of recipients who had previously registered their addresses on the project's Web site. The round of invitations was the third to be issued for the software during its development.

Flocking to new features

The browser's new features are based on new Web technologies fast attracting fans in the online community--part of a movement that has come to be known as Web 2.0.

For example, the traditional Web browser bookmarks menu has been replaced in favor of close integration with, an online service that allows bookmarks to be stored and shared with other users.

The Flock team has taken note of the Internet community's rapidly growing obsession with both blogs and the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) standard that makes it possible to speedily know when a blog has been updated.

Flock includes a built-in RSS reader, which allows a user to read all of their favorite blogs in one place, without the need to separately navigate to each one. Various Web sites and software programs already provide this functionality, but Flock is one of the first to integrate it into a Web browser.

The browser also facilitates blogging by the user with a "Create a blog post" button located in the main navigation bar. The button launches a sophisticated blogging tool that integrates on a drag-and-drop level with Flickr, a popular online photo management and sharing service recently acquired by Yahoo.

Flock integrates with a number of popular blogging services, including Wordpress, Six Apart and Blogger, according to Decrem's own blog.

All of the features both reflect popular usage within early adopter elements of the Web and are squarely aimed at providing collaborative Web browsing features.

Firefox tensions

Decrem has taken steps recently to convince the open-source Mozilla community that his new start-up isn't aimed at making their popular Firefox Web browser obsolete.

"I am a firm believer in the power of the open source development model," he wrote yesterday. "So it's always been obvious to me that Flock should leverage existing open source technologies and contribute most, if not all, our enhancements back under an open source license."

He said Flock was not interested in causing problems by creating a code base that diverges from Firefox's own, a development known as "forking."

"In architecting our software, build systems and engineering processes, we have given considerable thought to how our code will be able to evolve alongside the Mozilla code, without forking it," he wrote.

"Of course, time will tell how successful we are in avoiding unnecessary divergence between the Flock code base and the Mozilla code. This ultimately depends on the thousands of engineering decisions we will make in the coming months and years, but also on the level of communication between folks here and the broader Mozilla community."

"For our part, we are very serious about becoming active participants in and contributors to the Mozilla community, starting in the very near future. We are also very open to working with folks at the Mozilla Foundation, the Mozilla Corporation and elsewhere to minimize the risk of platform divergence and have taken the first steps to start that conversation."

Decrem also addressed the issue of how his free software project would attract revenue.

While he acknowledged most Web browsers were freely available, he said several companies, such as the Mozilla Corporation and competitor Opera, had been able to leverage integration between their software and online services like search engines to make money.

"Opera's CEO recently explained that his company was able to release the browser for free thanks to an expanded search sponsorship arrangement with Google," he wrote. "The Mozilla Foundation has alluded to search related business arrangements and has created a for-profit subsidiary."

"In sum, we're quite comfortable that, if enough users choose our browser, we can keep the lights on here at Flock without violating users' privacy or compromising the user experience."

Flock is available for download Friday for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms from the project's Web site.

Renai LeMay of ZDNet Australia reported from Sydney.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Sunday, October 23, 2005

universal utopia of free products

universal utopia
free products

Have you noticed how much freeware, free music, free tutorials, free information, free photographic images, free everything is available on the internet?

It just hit me yesterday: all the old business models are doomed. Their little games are done. We're tired of playing them. They make us sick, and we are rebels against them.

Individuals now may own and operate the means of production and distribution.

I prophetically proclaim The End of Corporations and The End of Government.

It's a bloodless revolution, not a single death will occur in the name of reform and progress. To the contrary, this revolution is quiet, shy, and moving at the speed of light.

The stupid recording industry had better quit worrying about people illegally downloading and file sharing their precious "products". I'm opposed to crime and illegal acts, but this is not what will kill the record industry conglomerates.

Free music downloads offered directly by music bands: THIS is what is going to KILL the Record Industry. Good riddance, I say. Charging $120 to see a music "act" is pathetically greedy and inappropriate. And it's not necessarily the artists who reap the profits, it's the corporations.

Free stuff is not necessarily junk. In fact, much of the free material and information is far better quality than the crap being hyped in the Morbid Stream Media and in the old economy stores.

I'm not just a taker. I'm a giver, too. I give tons of free web usability and blogology advice in my blogs. I donate time and services to organizations like the W.D. Boyce Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Soon, I will provide on my blogs some free downloads of music and films I and my associates have made.

I've discovered so much free avant garde music, I may never again buy another CD. Isn't that an interesting concept? I love music, and I have a gigantic appetite for more and more music. I listen to it while I work on the computer. But to look at my 22 CDs I burned over the past week makes me smile.

This is how the internet started. Originally, there was no such thing as a "dot com". Commercial interests have largely failed online, and continue to fail, while the Free Giveaway sites are flourishing. And influencing the entire world.

Sure, it's not "wrong" to try sell things via the internet. But you won't find me hanging out at any commercial sites, with the exception of Barnes & Noble. Yet, even in the case of B&N, it's the free audio clips of music CDs that attracts me. I can get a small sample of what an album is like, prior to buying it.

Of course, it's even better if I can get a whole album, without buying it.

I like the slogan one of the Net Labels has: "Now money won't come between musical artists and the public."

Think of all the artists, musicians, software designers, etc. who are giving their products away for free. Some may hope to sell you upgrades or supplemental items later. But many keep pouring free items into their sites, endlessly, with no hint of seeking "donations" or even praise.

Creators offer free products for the sheer love of making them and delighting others.

Ya gotta love it.

Thanks Blogger, Audacity, iTunes, Weirdo Music, Comfort Stand, Puzzling Recordings, Chenard Walcker, Hello/Picasa, Mozilla Firefox, MixMeister, Google/Gmail, and all the others out there who are benefiting humanity...without greedy lusting after filthy lucre aka grim reapers aka money.

Old proverbs like "no such thing as a free lunch" and "you get what you pay for" still have some limited validity, but are increasingly irrelevant to the contemporary world in which we live.

Viva La Free!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Experimental vs Conventional

Experimental vs. Conventional

If you've been bored enough to stoop so low as to follow my mis-adventures , you know I've been downloading legal, free, avant garde music, anti-music, noise/folk, and extreme sonic experimentation.

After listening to all this wild innovation, then also listening to a compilation of Les Paul guitar work from the 1950s, It Suddenly Dawned On Me.

What is "experimental music"?

Not "amateur" messing around idiotically, although a little dose of that never hurt anybody. The Beatles "Black Album" has some clowning around. I'm interested in George Harrison's and Paul McCartney's experimental electronic music, which costs more than their regular music albums. Did you know that?

Les Paul, the famous and respected guitar maker and player, gets very strange and wild, at least in his 1950s recordings that I have. His 1974 material seems a bit calmer, tamer, but still enjoyable.

So here is Les Paul, the virtuoso, the highly talented, the massively skilled, the musician's musician...doing oddball, almost anti-musicianship music. At times his guitar sounds like a metal percussion instrument, or an electronic keyboard synthesiser.

Then you have bands like Bromp Treb Soundsystem aka Poo Samurai aka Canopy of Darkness aka Mind Phantom. Their free downloads are hosted at Puzzling Recordings, which also contains such bands as Deer Hoof, the split off group of pioneering noise folk electronic medieval bash band Caroliner, who "sang" "songs" about sewing their weird stage costumes, and events as though we were all still living in the 1590s.

See the article "Caroliner, Gargoyle Mechanique" by Alex Ross, music critic for The New Yorker:

Not everyone has the ears trained to discern the grating grandeur of such Bromp Treb tracks as:

"Trouble in the Miks -side 1"

"Dub Scratch Mishap"

"Mustard Incense"

"Fantastic Wussy Wussy"

"unquestionably unkind"

"Autoberserk PCP Enemy Vocal Mix"

"24-7 Grave N' Save"

"Cuestick Battle Marco Polo"

...are all good examples of the brutal, and often fatal, deconstructing of Rap/Hip Hop, New Wave, Techno, and Rock musiques...

What it means to be engaged in --//stripping\ \--conventional electronic music to its primal core and leaving it there, molten, livid, mutilated, all blurry around the edges and in the middle, now safely and happily alien and unknown all over again.

Fat Worm of Error, in league with Bromp Treb, continues the exploration of dismantling the elemental particles of modern dance and chill music, making the component parts add up to a new whole that breaks all rules of melody, rhythm, and "song".

Eddie The Rat, a collection of SF Bay Area artists, deconstructing classical, rock, blues, and hippie congregational folkway musics.

Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof playing gently his musical minimalism mayhem at The Schoolhouse.

The Apartment's "Three Forks" album at Comfort Stand is remarkably strange music for jaded ears.


Flashing Flash of INsight

My insight is this:

"experimental music"/"avant garde" or "difficult" music: the players love the instruments as they exist in themselves, in their instrumentality, it's all about the instrument's beautiful or weird tones, it's all about exploring it's dimensions, and not about the musician's musicianship, only what the musician can do for the instrument to bring out its full range of sounds.

Now, to bring out the instrument's full range of sounds, it may require some virtuosity. But true virtuosity respects the wild impulse, the creative leap, the "what would happen if I did this?"

"conventional music"/"mainstream" or "commercial" music: the players are proud of how well they play the instruments, it's all about the playing, and not the instrument in itself, only what the instrument can do for you.

Yet even conservative conventional music has to have some innovation, else every song would sound the same.

Just some murky observations regarding the unseen world of musical experience.

My friend Bennett Theissen, along with Gary R., we form a little Strangely Beautiful, Beautifully Strange Music Admiration Society. We goad each other to discover ever more bizarre, but interesting, or amusing, or deeply challenging music art.

Music to my mind embraces every sound in the universe, from amoeba splitting to galaxies colliding. I include all forms of sound, even what some call "noise". What is one man's annoying noise is another man's magnum opus.

Noise annoys? Not always. Especially around Halloween time, this autumn upon us, the sound of a creaking door on its rusty hinges, chains dragging across a tile floor, or the screech of a cat seem of interest. Particularly in science fiction and horror films and in formal haunted houses.

As any astro-physicist: this universe is a noisy place. Technically, there is probably infinitely more "noise music" in the cosmos than there is "music music".

I like experimenting with music, not just "making" music. Experimenting with clouds of fuzzy sounds, rivers of rotating pulsations, and sonic blurs swirling in the shadows.

"Songs" are what musicians make.

"Studies" or "works" are what anti-musicianship experimentation creates.

An "anti-musician" or "noise-composer" can easily and readily switch into making conventional "songs music".

But, on the other hand, very few conventional musicians can stop following their little arbitrary consensus "rules" and go wild with exploratory improvisations. Many of them stop cold and frown at the mere thought of spontaneous or radically extreme sound generation.

Lesson for Bloggers

The moral of the story is this: don't be afraid to be unique.

You may prefer Jimmy Buffet or Bob Dylan to Bromp Treb or The Sonic Clams. I love Buffet and Dylan, too.

Two of my most recent purchased CDs are Jimmy Buffet "License To Chill" album and Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait" album. Both are extremely beautiful.

I'm not trying to convert anybody to my tastes in music and noise formulations.

Here's what I encourage all you bloggers to do...

Launch out toward your envisioned uptopian blog, the ideal you see in your mind, with great boons and benefits to your readers and to other bloggers who visit and learn from you.

Stay on the bleeding edge of everything as much as possible.

Learn to hate mediocrity, imitation, and artistic restrictions.

Bust your blog wide open, blow it apart, fling it triumphantly into the constellations of the immaterial.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

Friday, October 21, 2005

Why can't I see my blogs?

Why can't I see my blogs?

Two of them are invisible to me right now:

(1) Vaspers the Grate

(2) Blog Core Values

{EDIT UPDATE: After publishing this post, my Vaspers blog appeared in my browser. Still, please read on, and contact me if you have any answers or suggestions. Or a similar experience.}

Why just these two blogs? When I click-select the link in my Bookmarks, or from any other starting point, nothing appears in the browser window. A blank.

I was able to go to the Blogger site and enter my template. Everything seems to still exist. If anyone can read this to verify my next remark: I can publish posts to it.

You can help me by posting a comment to let me know if you can see VTG and BCV blogs in your browser.

Even though I cannot see these two blogs, I will receive Gmail notification whenever anyone posts a comment on any of my blogs. See how this little feature is beneficial in yet another way?

This really bugs me.'s also uncanny, ironic, and coincidentally crazy.

Two nights ago, at a client web development meeting, I had mentioned the fact that many web sites are blank when I arrive at them. An empty screen in the browser window. The address bar indicates that I am indeed at the URL, but I see nothing.

Now it's two of my own sites that do this. This is creepy and frustrating.

I asked why this happens. No one had any idea, except the possibility that the web site was deleted and the URL somehow pointed to the void where the content of the site resided. I'm a bit confused about these online mirages, ghost towns, and spectres.

Art Test Explosion and Stinky Ugly Toys seem okay. They appear in my Firefox browser whenever I visit the URL.

You could tell me to research the topic online. Okay. That's what I usually do when faced with a dilemma. However, I'm not even sure what keywords or phrases to type into the Google search engine.

What type of error is this?

What's broken? Network? Browser? Template? Blogger web site? My eyes? My very sanity itself?

Post a comment or email me if you have a clue.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


(This ad, displaying jovial blindfolded motorcycle driving, an image culled from the Dvorak Uncensored blog, seems appropriate to post again.

Is she removing the blindfold...or tying it tighter? Is she removing the blindfold to see what it is her man has bought for her? Can't she perceive that the gift is a motorcycle and not a box of candy? I mean, she's ON it, for crying out loud.)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Comfort Stand FREE avant garde music

Comfort Stand

more FREE cool music!


{QUOTE from "Artists" page}

Welcome to the Comfort Stand artist directory.

Featuring artists from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Russia and the United States.

Jump inside to find out more about our wonderful roster of artists!


[QUOTE--entire "About Us" page]


is a community-driven label where all releases are free with artwork and liner notes.

We strive to bring you recordings that we find interesting, compelling and downright enjoyable. We are not genre-specific and feature a wide range of material, from well-known performers to those loud unknown kids down your block.

We are not a business. We're not out to make a profit. There are no banners, popups, or spam at Comfort Stand. You don't have to register yourself to download the music you like.

We operate under the ideology that money need not come between artists and audience.

Comfort Stand artists retain all rights to their recordings (and all artists have 100% creative control over their work). It is a label run by artists for artists.

You can listen, copy and create CDs with the music on this website as long as it is for your personal and private purpose.

You can offer and download this music from any file-sharing network, you can give it to your friends, and you are welcome to play it on radio stations and net streams.

However, you are not allowed to use and/or sell this music for commercial purposes unless, of course, permission is granted from the artist in question.

We have a Creative Commons license in place for each release. The bulk have a Attribution-Noncommercial license attached while others falling into the public domain receive a Public Domain Dedication.

Comfort Stand is a Net Label.

You can find out more about Net Labels offering free music at The Netlabel Catalogue.

We operate in the same way a classic record label does with only one difference: it's all digital!

We do not offer recordings on physical media such as vinyl, CDs, cassettes or 8-tracks. All material is available online only, currently distributed as MP3 files (normally encoded at 192k).

All of our recordings are hosted by the Internet Archive and our web hosting is through Dreamhost.

Some may have difficulty accepting an organization without a tangible product (in terms of CDs, records and/or merchandise for sale) as a 'real' label.

We understand that labels are traditionally comprised of artists with physical product, but see ourselves as part of a new wave of record labels with a (still somewhat) new distribution method. Ten years ago, none of this would have been possible. Now, with the technology in place, we are able to share with you music that we adore.

Another common misconception is that if something is free, it must not be very good.

We invite you to listen to our catalog and decide for yourself. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Comfort Stand does not operate as a free-for-all for just anything, nor do we stringently adhere to offering only one form or genre of music. We simply release music we feel very strongly about.

Everybody needs free music.


Logo: JP Farquar
Website: Otis Fodder
Client Share: Ryan Kilkenny
Webhosts: Dreamhost /


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Song of Third Spirit

Song of the 3rd spirit
in Prometheus Unbound:

I sat beside a sage's bed,
And the lamp was burning red
Near the book where he had fed,

When a Dream with plumes of flame
To his pillow hovering came,
And I knew it was the same

Which had kindled long ago
Pity, eloquence, and woe;
And the world awhile below

Wore the shade
Its lustre made.

It has borne me here as fleet
As Desire's lightning feet:
I must ride it back ere morrow,
Or the sage will wake in sorrow.

--from Prometheus Unbound,
a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley

(born August 4, 1792--
died at sea, off Leghorn, July 8, 1822)

Sometimes a blog post can seem to be enflamed, on fire, burning from the inside with "Pity, Eloquence, and Woe."

We express our inner beings and outer observations, with:

(1) PITY for all suffering entities, animate and inanimate, from children with cancer to rusting automobiles, warped wood frames, worn out carpets. All is in decay, everything is always almost dead.

(2) ELOQUENCE we hope to achieve to some degree, the well turned phrase, neologism, unique perspective, fascinating story, insightful remark, cascading stream of rational debate.

(3) WOE, a deep seated despair tinged with grief and gloom, as we see that all things sicken, slow down, and slip away to who knows where?

Blogging, even with humor or satire, is founded upon a desire to entertain, instruct, warn, or otherwise benefit our fellow human beings, as we all move toward death together.

Atoms, galaxies, art, war, happiness, fears, ideas, feelings...all are perishing and retreating from memory.

Blogging is a temporary recording of what we feel is important to ourselves and to others, at the specific times of the posts.

Don't give up. Keep trying. Keep the goal in mind: To Help Others and To Improve Our Own Skills.

Every time you force yourself to think of something to post, you rev up your brain.

Every time you try to connect with your readers, you fortify your good intentions.

Every time you work hard to fine tune the wording of your post, you improve your writing skills.

Every time you go to the trouble to embed and test hypertext links in a post, you magnify your self-motivated discipline.




The blog at its best.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

Idea Itself is Perfect

Idea Itself is Perfect

I got to gazing at the sidebar badges of Buddha and Plato on this blog.

I like Buddha, not because of buddhism ritualism institution (ugh), but due to what he allegedly said.

Gautama Buddha, Sakyamuni, of the warrior tribe, son of the king, rebel against militarism and earthly conquest, was the smartest nondivine human that ever existed or will ever exist.

He completely explained the nature of human conditioned consciousness and he unveiled the mysterious metaphysical laws of this universe.

Plato, interpreter and preserver of Socratic thought, perfectly explained the laws of human reason and ethical standards, the laws that are always already written in our hearts.

And my conclusion from all this gazing and pondering?

Idea is itself perfect.

Your life is taking the course it is meant to follow, if you follow it all the time, all the way to the end.

How you die says as much about you as all your blog posts and conversations put together.

We need a semiotics of dying, an analytic method of evaluating and differentiating the various styles of death, the largely self-chosen and self-created demise of a person's personal existence in this world.

We also need to understand that every thought and deed is inscribed in the Universe's Blog, often called the Mind of God, or the Multi-dimensional Cosmic Self-Awareness.

The universe is familiar with your dreams. It spawned them.

Your blog was pre-determined by forces unknown to you and pervasive throughout the space-time continuum.

Idea itself is perfect.

Your goals, hopes, dreams, concepts are already existing, thus guaranteed to take form somewhere, if not through you in your life, then in some other channel.

Your internal vision of the "ideal blog of mine" can occur in material manifestation.

As I tell myself, and everyone else, my motto:


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bizarre Beautiful Music Experimentation

Bizarre Beautiful Music Experimentation

Your UMUG music artist update.

Unlistenable Music by Unknown Geniuses proudly announces it's initial line-up of musical artists being distributed.

In addition to my own projects:

* CAMOUFLAGE DANSE (Bennett Theissen & S. Streight)

* CHARLEY HICKEY & THE LOVE BITES (C. Hickey, John Wilson, & S. Streight)


* $10 WORTH OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (C. Hickey & S. Streight)



...we are working in cooperation with Weirdo Music, in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

Under a Creative Commons license, Weirdo Music and UMUG are pleased to present the Best in Extreme Musical Innovation:

"Numerology" Compilation artists:




...with many more to come.

SPECIAL NOTE: The WM Recordings album "Numerology" is one of the most amazing, bizarre, and fun music products I personally have ever heard. Containing 19 songs about numbers, the sheer musical innovation and experimentation, so charming that children would love it, this has to be heard to be believed.

NOW...what about you?

Are you conducting musical experimentation that is completely uncommercial and ahead of its time?

Do you create "difficult" music?

Music that doesn't sound like anything anyone's ever heard before?

Unusual singing voice?

Bizarre or cleverly radical lyrics?

Songs that rip the lid off dysfunctional society?

Music that seems to come from another dimension?

We at Unlistenable Music by Unknown Geniuses may be interested in promoting and distributing your sound.

In keeping with the Internet Information Revolution, most music is distributed to the public FREE of charge. You can go directly to the WM Recordings web site and download the albums yourself. The WM music cannot be used for any commercial, money-making (yuk!) purpose, unless you obtain the express permission of the artist.

I just click on "Download entire album" which include CD cover art and artist info, extract contents of the zip file, move each file into "My Music" on my hard drive, then "Add to Library" in iTunes, create a new playlist with the album name as title, and copy and paste each track into the new playlist.

I burn CDs that approximate 80 minutes in length. If an "album" is short, for example, just 30 minutes, I will add "Bonus Tracks" from other WM Recordings, to fill up the CD.

WM Recordings I have listened to and enjoyed so far:

wm 020 "Numerology"
(absolutely exactly what we're looking for)

wm 021 "Captured in Realica" by Rene Vis
(another phenomenal recording, funny, strange, yet good melodies and beats--distinctively unique)

wm 023 "Summer 2005" by Gorowski

wm 012 Happy Elf

wm 013 "Volare Possum" by Klaz

wm 014 "Teleopsis Belzebuth" by Zloty Dawai

They just added on Oct. 16, 2005 the new recording "Tribute to the 365 Days project" by Jan Turkenburg: wm 027.

Unlistenable Music by Unknown Geniuses. The music production, recording, and distribution network for discerning prodigies and off the wall wave riders.

I will soon attempt to post MP3s of UMUG music selections here at Vaspers the Grate blog. I know two or three of my readers might be curious to hear a few seconds of CAMOUFLAGE DANSE or even STEVEN STREIGHT COMPUTER MUSIQUE.

Put your ears on the pioneer path.

Email me, or post a comment, for more details.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Everything Struggles for Survival

Everything Struggles
for Survival

I've been very busy working on some audio projects, and gearing up for a website User Observation Test for a client.

Let me at least toss these gems at you, from the book:

Conversations With Iannis Xenakis
Balint Adras Varga (Faber & Faber, 1996)

Xenakis is one of my favorite music composers of all time. He listened to the patterns of raindrops hitting a tin roof, and called the seemingly random, yet structured patterns, "stochastic". There's a lot of math involved in his theories, but that's the basic idea.

He was an electronic music pioneer, in the "classical music" tradition, but he also used melodic systems from ancient Greece. In his final days, he was using computers to create music, while many of his colleagues merely experimented briefly with computers and synthesizers.

Here are two Xenakis quotes from this book of interviews:


* "Composition, action, are nothing but a struggle for existence. To Be. However, if I imitate the past, I do nothing, and consequently am not. In other words, I am sure I exist only if I do something different. The difference is the proof of existence, of knowledge, of participation in the affairs of the world. I'm convinced of that."

* "My greatest achievement would be to compose something which could include any form of expression...It has the precondition that I free myself of any ties or conditioning that prevent me from being free."


How true this is: everything, all compositions, all products, blogs, web sites, technologies, religions, political parties, ideologies, poems, songs, paintings--are struggling to survive and endure.

I lost all my solo music I had recorded on cassette tapes. But my friend Bennett Theissen, lead singer and songwriter in our old band, managed to preserve most of our Camouflage Danse music, and he transferred it to CD. He also transferred our music videos and live performances to DVD.

You must preserve your work and also promote it, for it to survive and endure for future generations.

Everything is struggling to survive.

Your blog, web site, food recipes, poems, marriage, family, reputation, spirituality, rationality, business ideas, whatever--they all can be destroyed, taken from you, lost. They all can perish and be forgotten forever, if you don't devote time, money, and effort to them.

I personally believe that the universe itself is a vast recording device. Eastern mystics refer to the "akashic records" or something like that. I just have an intuitive feeling that this has some truth in it.

When you write a poem, create a blog, marry a person, start a business, whatever you do, is somehow inscribed into reality as a fact.

But we also need to preserve things through our own effort. A failed marriage, an abandoned blog, a lost opportunity--these also are inscribed into reality as facts.

Survival. An interesting way to look at inanimate and conceptual entities. The fight for survival amongst ideas, beliefs, art, science, etc.

What are you doing to ensure the survival of what is important to you?

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My new digital music recording studio

Introducing: my new digital music composition and recording studio.

Audacity plus iTunes equals:

digital music workstation/
recording studio/CD burner

I took me longer than I'd like to admit, last night, but I stumble bumbled around Audacity and iTunes and figured out how to:

(1) compose digital music

(2) save/export project as WAV file

(3) import project to iTunes, which converts it to MP3

(4) create playlist, then burn a CD of project

[EDIT: Correction--I did not convert WAV to MP3, which is lower sound quality. I burned the CD of my original music directly from the WAV file. Moonie Caine at Audacity-user discussion list explained this to me.]

I don't have an iPod, nor do I download songs off the internet. I'm not the slightest bit interested in that. But, I've been wanting to create my own soundscapes, and CDs of my original compositions. Last night, I did it.

I also took CDs of my old band Camouflage Danse and made my own playlist compilation of tracks, then burned a few CDs of it.

Unlistenable Music of
Unknown Genius Recordings

[UMUGR 001]

Camouflage Danse "Our Sound"
(compilation album)

[UMUGR 002]

Steven Streight "universings"
(computer musique )

All this for FREE (aside from cost of blank CDs to record onto).

Check out the freeware from Apple iTunes and from Audacity.

This is not an advertisement.

This is just the testimony of a satisfied new user.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vaspers International 10-2005

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