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Blog Post Titles Experiment #2

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[Dedicated to Al Ries, Laura Ries, and Jack Trout, who have written expansively about the huge importance of names and titles.]

Here it is! My installment #2 in an ongoing, monthly examination of blog post titles.

I'm of the opinion that the title of your post is the most important text of the post.

If the post title is not good, many potential readers and RSS subscribers may just skip it. The post title is also vital for search engine optimization, and for grabbing the attention of blog surfers.

Give your blog posts the great, attention-getting titles they deserve!


I call this an "experiment". I guess it's probably more an "examination".

What I mean is, let's examine these post titles, and see which are most compelling, which titles sound the most interesting.

Then consider your own post title writing. Can you improve your post titles?

I'll do the hard, time-consuming work of assembling post titles every month. Then you can analyze them, deciding which ones are the best, learning what to do...and what not to do...based on these examples.

Judging ONLY by the post titles, which blogs would you want to visit?

Are there post titles that turn you off, that seem stupid, irrelevant?

Which blogs do you think probably contain, on a consistent basis, reputable and relevant content?

Have fun inspecting these post titles.

Who knows?

Maybe in the evaluation process, you'll discover a new blog to blogroll, visit, blog about, and post comments at!

IMHO, superior post titles =

* clear, cogent, coherent
* good preview of post content
* not "clever", not silly, not ambiguous
* relevant, meaningful, interesting
* compelling: arouses curiosity
* compelling: offers value, benefit

The purpose of a post title is to
give you some idea of what the post
content is...before you go to the
trouble of click/selecting it.

Blog readers are busy. In a hurry.

Don't write dumb, vague post titles.

Avoid writing post titles
that make no sense
until you read the post.

Learn to write post titles that
command attention
and generate interest.

Here are the titles of the 5 most recent posts of selected blogs, as of May 21, 2005 (Saturday). In no particular order.


The Deevy Report

1. Facilitating A "Conversation" Between Internal Stakeholders: Blogging Guidelines to Consider
2. Want to Sustain High Morale in Your Organization? Consider Using an Internal Blog
3. Why Do People in Organizations Resist Change?
4. Employees Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Superior Results!
5. What To Do When Employee Morale is the Problem

Radical Corporate Art

1. New Business Mentality
2. Rules for Real Revolution
3. Mental Miracles
4. Confuse the Competition
5. New Rules for the Neo-Corporate Realm

Working Smart

1. Sometimes Life is Like Skiing
2. Recovering the Lost Art of Note-Taking
3. Why I Ditched My Tablet PC
4. What's in Your Carry-On?
5. How to Read Blogs

Doc Searls Weblog

1. The revolution will be televised after all
2. Linking without html
3. Last blog and testament
4. Read on
5. Blogging at the speed of not

Dvorak Uncensored

1. Slideshow of the Week Dept.
2. Motorola DVR Site Home
3. The Naked Truth, In Italy
4. Tech Trends--IDC: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Growth Will Slow
5. Old Tree Found. Hmmm. No, really!


1. Sharon ruins my reputation...calls me "incredibly nice"
2. Store Wars goes viral
3. Xbox Live guy tries to spy on Nintendo guy in plane, great writing ensues
4. That's one FAST Tablet PC
5. Susan links to Sean who links to Susan--all about SBS


1. "2, 3, 4, 5. We don't want them oxidised."
2. Fetch me my pipe and slippers
3. If it ain't broke, just upgrade it!
4. It's what they would've wanted
5. Meet The Applegate

[EDIT UPDATE: I forgot to include one of my favorite blogs. Here it is now: Corporate Blogging.Info]

Corporate Blogging.Info

1. Blogger Wish List
2. Quick Tip: Reading feeds on your mobile
3. Blog risk assessment teams
4. IBM Blogs "Truly Scary"
5. Traditional Media Rules

(Business Week blog)

1. Podcasting confession
2. End of the beat reporter
3. Blogs in research: help for a speech
4. RSS Consolidation
5. Bloglines Questions?

The Big Blog Company

1. Quote to remember
2. Battling the tabloids via blog
3. Quote to remember
4. U.S. online marketing forecast: $26 billion by 2010
5. More Creative Commons buzz


1. Upcoming geek extravaganza in London
2. Skype blogs to create community
3. Interview: Mike Wing, IBM--May 20, 2005
4. Cool video promotes podcasting feature
5. Blogging the IABC conference

Ad Rants

1. Blogging Jumps Shark, Becomes Trucker Hat
2. Hottie Gets $11K in eBay Body Ad Auction
3. Budweiser Taps JibJab for Online Promotional Content
4. Paris Hilton Promotes Jeff Bridges Hunger Organization
5. Burger King Hires Darth Vader for Viral

Seth's Blog

1. Telling a story with a picture
2. Michael Pollock is a Liar
3. Fundable...a next big thing?
4. Whatever happened to Change This?
5. Visualizing Your Story

Tom Peters!

1. TP Wire Service Launches
2. Call to Women Entrepreneurs
3. Event Slides: Warsaw
4. Stalled Mobility
5. Move Over, Jamie Foxx

Pro Blogger

1. Should New Blogs Have Ads?
2. Search Engine Optimization Secrets
3. Following Blogtalk Downunder
4. Jeff Jarvis-Pro Blogger
5. The importance of Title Tags in Search Engine Optimization


1. The dark night of blogger's block
2. Buzztracker's media epicentres
3. Schopenhauer's debate hacks
4. Lessig via Ali G
5. Goodbye garden

Robot Wisdom

1. Escalating controversy over Google Print
2. Usenet still a pirate's paradise
3. List of 100 must-see movies (omits David Lynch)
4. Botticelli "Portrait of a Youth" called forgery
5. Well-worth renting: "Veronica Guerin" (heroic journalist)

BlogWrite for CEOs

1. Ignore the blogosphere at peril to your brand
2. IBM's Employee Blogging Guidelines
3. RSS 101: "Really Simple" 5-Step Guide to Get Started
4. Why corporate blogging works, according to Hugh Macleod's Gaping Void
5. Why more CEOs aren't blogging (yet), according to USA Today

The Intuitive Life Business Blog

1. The commoditization of the hardware store, and of our future
2. Ubuntu Linux, Yellowdog Linux, and Mac OS X, all on one PowerBook?
3. Your Daily Art: A great example of leveraging blogging
4. Review: Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner
5. The Seven Core Values of Innovation

Business Pundit

1. Interesting Business Strategy
2. Out of Town
3. Philosophy of Business: Marx's Theory of Worker Alienation and What That Means for Managers
4. The Church Business
5. How Can A City Promote Entrepreneurship?

Decent Marketing

1. A Rockin' Good Tooth Brushin' Time
2. Death, Taxes & Chuck E. Cheese
3. Inspiration Sans Cheese
4. they're losin' it! (sung to the McDonald's Theme Song)
5. Going Local: Farmers Trading Cards

Don the Idea Guy's Brain Blog

1. uses RSS feeds to provide new release alerts
2. The Riddler Makes His Final Escape
3. Losing Your Links
4. Dolphin Death Ray
5. Audio Revisited

Naked Conversations (formerly: The Red Couch)

1. Ch 6 Consultants Who Get It
2. Chapter 7: Survival of the Publicists
3. Interview: Andrew Carlton
4. Interview: Toby Bloomberg
5. More Consultants Wanted

Diva Marketing

1. A Year to Remember
2. Successful eMail Campaigns
3. Biz Blog Profile Series: Stonyfield Farm--Stonyfield Farm Blog "Cow"munities
4. A New Way to Feed the Press
5. Playing with the Blog Pundits

Brand Autopsy

1. Delicious Library--A Tasty Application
2. All Marketers Are Liars
3. Starbuck Real Estate Learnings
4. According to Bloggers VII
5. Advertising on Times Square

Thinking by Peter D

1. Aluminum Obsession VI
2. LED Light-up Table
3. Camera Phone Life Hacks
4. Sentient Door Handles
5. "Bud Vase Features"


1. Ballmer to RSS Enthusiasts: Chill
2. Light Blogging Ahead
3. PR Pros Who Get It
4. H & K Urges PR Pros to Get Blogging
5. Blogopoly

What's Your Brand Mantra

1. Giveaways
2. Hammers, cont'd
3. It's not about the hammer
4. Countdown to next webinar
5. IFTF Update


1. Google Opens Portal to Confront Yahoo, MSN
2. Star Wars Online Ads a Powerful Force
3. Ask Jeeves Buys Excite Europe, Continues Expansion
4. Forrester: Search Important to Veteran Shoppers
5. NetRatings Files Patent-Infringement Case Against Coremetrics, Omniture

The Origin of Brands Blog

1. Finger Food
2. Jorge Cruise
3. Ries Brand Extension
4. GoDaddy looks like a winner
5. Can Martha make a comeback?

Chief Blogging Officer

1. Henry Ford goes to Atlantis--and beyond
2. beer-guzzling blogger moms feed babies booze!
3. great americans in rock & roll--1st in a series
4. top 40 radio
5. the academy: may we have the envelope please

Business Blog Consulting

1. What if Blogs Don't Change Your Business?
2. Announcing My Semi-Retirement From This Blog
3. Business Week: Blogs Will Change Your Business
4. The Decade in Online Advertising
5. Boeing Blog Gets Closer


1. RE: Our Saturday Feature--10 Tips for 10 Million Women (TM)
2. RE: But Daddy Said I Could!
3. RE: Tom Peters Launches TP Wire Service
4. RE: Activist Marketing 101. Right On, Brother!
5. RE: Our Saturday Feature--10 Tips for 10 Million Women (TM)

Small Business Blog

1. Intellectual Property, Patent Reform and Small Business
2. How the Internet Has Changed Small Business Forever
3. Marketing Strategy for Skeptics
4. Back With a Baby!
5. A New Generation of Tech Visionaries

Radiant Marketing Group

1. RMG Welcomes New Client, Fit Express
2. Bob Cargill's New Rags
3. Bloggerwear Looks Good on You!
4. Reflections on Biz Net Travel Blog
5. Are Blogs an Internet Bubble Waiting To Burst?

Fresh Inc. [Inc. Magazine Blog]

1. The Death Star, as apt metaphor for your network
2. Diary of a Startup--After the Deal
3. Small Business News Roundup
4. The Apprentice--Finale Party
5. Be Like Steve, Suns Owner Tells Grads

Wonderbranding for Women

1. Funny You Should Mention It...
2. Newspapers Part Deux
3. Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream
4. Women Using Newspapers to Line Canary Cage
5. Addition to the WonderBranding Team

Crossroads Dispatches

1. Why Women Blog
2. While I Value Christmas Letter Business Blogs, Here's Another Angle
3. What Grassroots Media Can Teach Marketing
4. Extraordinary Stories Everywhere, Rediscovering Our Awe
5. We're Ready for a New Sincerity

Blog Business World

1. Podcasts: How professional should they sound?
2. Bloggers as event speakers
3. Blogiversary at Diva Marketing
4. Affiliate programs: Promote your links
5. Carnival of the Vanities at Commonwealth Conservative

Nick Usborne Excess Voice

1. Review: Secrets of Writing for the Internet
2. Knock Me Down With a Feather
3. Writing for the Web #1--A Guide
4. Monday Copywriting Tip #42: How Much Do You Earn?
5. Agora Publishing: New date for Agora Model Seminar

PR Thoughts

1. Skype launched its blog!
2. Interview of Mike Wing, IBM
3. Proximity published results from a blog survey
4. A blog for the "Festival de Cannes"
5. Grokker: A new way to look at search

GM FastLane Blog

1. And Another Survey Says...
2. Survey Says: Top in Six Segments
3. The Game Plan...An Edited Version
4. Women and Wheels
5. Data Shows Traction on Key Vehicles

Church of the Customer

1. Thank goodness for small favors
2. JibJab's open source experiment
3. Wendy's square peg in a round idea
4.'s bet pays off
5. Article roundup

HELLO, my name is blog

1. Hey look, it's That Guy!
2. If you wear a nametag all the time, this shouldn't happen
3. The Gallery of Annoying Email Signatures
4. Once Again, Guinness Book Rejected My Submission for a World Record
5. How to Transform Your Car Into a Networking Tool

Ensight Business and Tech

1. XBox 360 vs PS3 Comparison
2. Goodbye Will
3. Will's Dead
4. Wow @ This Spam Message
5. New Consoles A-Go-Go

B L Ochman's What's Next Blog

1. Google Adwords Blog is Lame
2. Committee to Protect Bloggers Asks Media Strike for Jailed Iranian Blogger
3. Wall Street Journal Poll Has Confusing Choices
4. Ouchee, Blogging Light Day
5. Bloggers Unlock Kensington Laptop Lock Problem

Hello World

1. All hail the Ringtone Dancer
2. That's Mr. Engadget to you, punk
3. G5 Powerbook Launched!
4. Buy this disk...
5. When endorsements fail


1. Chiba, Japan Web Conference: Find Out What Happened
2. Come See Me Speak in Denver, June 9
3. Web Copywriting: New Free Guide
4. What's a Blog? Bag the Stereotypes
5. What Bloggers and Journalists Can Learn from Each Other (Part 4)

Fast Company Blog

1. Money No More
2. MBA No More
3. Open Source To-Do Lists?
4. God Is In The Details
5. DVD Rental Wars: Netflix 1, Wal-Mart 0

Boing Boing

1. Pop Surrealism Show in Pueblo, Colorado
2. Standing meerkats
3. Web Zen: animation zen
4. Fingerprint scanners coming to Illinois library
5. Automatically add light sabers to your video

Joi Ito

1. Wikipedia Stealth Disco article
2. Off to the California
3. Autoblogger
4. Dinner with Karl van Wolferen
5. Becoming boring


1. ww
2. weed
3. Fish Wish
4. Command Not Found
5. Lucky 13

Rich Marcello's Blog (HP)

1. Sockets and cores
2. Taking snapshots every five minutes
3. Four Questions
4. The World Cafe
5. What you see is not what you get (Peter Merholz)

1. One Way to Enjoy the Da Vinci Code
2. Road Trip Winding Down
3. Merholz family blogging
4. Midwest road trip--May 11-20
5. A Post About Cities


1. WiMAX Trial in the UK
2. TDK Develops 100 GB Blu-ray Disc
3. "Secure" Netscape released with vulnerabilities
4. Microsoft may face EU fine process within weeks
5. AMD to launch dual-core Athlon 64 on May 31


1. Manhattan's Chinatown Pressured to Sell Out
2. Opportunity is working it's way out of Mars' "fine sand"
3. hello nintendo: Nintendo's Long Tail
4. Repeat After Me: giving your music away is good for your career
5. Nintendo builds free Wi-Fi network in Japan Archives

JOHO the Blog

1. Measure twice, cut once, backup three times
2. Globe editorial: Good until the last drop
3. Quicktime without the cruft
4. The NY Times world of pain
5. AKMA's good stuff


1. Citizen Journalists
2. Just In Case Versus Just In Time
3. Beyond Dolly Levi to Facilitating Public Relationships
4. If The Media Can Do It, So Can PR
5. It's The End of the World As They Knew It

Gaping Void

1. New Blog from Tom Peters
2. Our Grandparents had Laurel & Hardy
3. Jeff Jumps Ship
4. British Blogging
5. In London

Don't Blog

1. Blogged Out: Scoble, Hobson, Edelman, Rubel
2. Blogger Blocked at Border
3. Boss Bullies Blogger to Pull Post Promptly
4. Blog Politically and Go To Jail
5. Blogger Faces Class Action Suit By Commenters


1. Word Problems
2. Send Me Your Weak
3. The Mother Goose of Boutique Hotels
4. McD's Jumps Through Hoops (Morgan Spurlock, It's All Your Fault)
5. Dodge Muscles Its Way Back Into Starting Line Up


1. Inert Cornell dots for tagging, imaging, and optical computing developed
2. UK firm claims breakthrough in fuel cell technology
3. Cloned human embryos deliver tailored stem cells
4. Photonic silicon chips operate at 1.5 gigabits per second
5. Robot swarms cloud danger

John Battelle Search Blog

1. Ask Buys Excite in Europe
2. Bloglines Blog Search A-Comin'
3. Given My Inclination...
4. Wikipedia and Search
5. "My" Google

AKMA's Random Thoughts

1. This Got By Us
2. Dream On
3. Guide to the Hitchhiker's
4. Total Quality Ministry
5. Power of Ideology

The Pez MP3 Project

1. Button, Button Who's Got the Button?
2. A Visit with PEZ
3. Fortune Mag Article
4. Peering into the Future
5. Beausage

Vaspers the Grate

1. Most Important Aspect of a Blog
2. A Crypto Blog Goes Normal Speak
3. Blog Content Writing & Astral Blogging
4. Blog Cop vs Blog Wimp
5. The Truth About Blogs

Blog Core Values

1. 7 Blog Illusions
2. Perfecting Your Blog: 5 Suggestions
3. 12 Tips on Writing Blog Post Titles
4. Only Purpose of a Business
5. Blogs vs Forged Documents

vaspersthegrate [at] yahoo [dot] com Posted by Hello's your turn.

Which blogs do YOU think
have the best post titles?

Have any of these blogs
inspired you to improve
your post titles?

Post a comment, or email me YOUR opinion.

Thanks a lot!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told


steven edward streight said...

Dr. Ed Deevy says:


As the publisher of The Deevy Report


I feel honored to be listed in your post.

As I read down through your post I realized you had put together a valuable list for all of us who are interested in business blogging.

Was delighted to discover that I regularly visit more than half of the blogs that you included.

Incidently, what you had to say about blog titles makes a lot of sense.

6:07 AM


steven edward streight said...

Robert Scoble emailed me this comment:


On 5/24/05, Robert Scoble wrote:

> That's cool! I wonder what my posts at would> sound like on that list?>>




LOL, sorry, I had to stop somewhere.

But I will add your Scobleizer post titles right now.

Thanks for replying to my email and for checking out the "experiment".

Now get back to writing that book.

[Naked Conversations]



steven edward streight said...

Don the Idea Guy of the Brain Blog emailed me this:


Hi Steven:

Thanks for including me in our experiement.

It was interesting to compare and contrast with the other blogs listed.



That's great to hear, in fact, that's what I was hoping to hear: how you enjoyed comparing and contrasting.

We can learn from each other.

I just emailed Darren Rouse of PRO BLOGGER blog some questions about SEO, title tags, and meta data in my blog templates.

We need each other. No single one of us can be experts on every aspect of blogging.

11:56 AM