Saturday, May 03, 2008

how to announce a canceled internet TV show episode

What do you do when your band can't perform their unique live streaming video show, due to conflicting family events? You can't just not do the show, and not explain why. You have to please your fans and respect their cravings. Your fans will be disappointed, some may be angry, or so bored and in need of an easy internet thrill, they move onto some other entertainment, permanently.

Here are some ideas:

(1) Put a "No Show This Saturday 45-4-2008. Sorry. We'll be back next Saturday." message on the site that hosts your show (UstreamTV, JustinTV, KyteTV, etc.) and all your band's blogs and websites.

(2) Get the band together to do a special quickie show, prior to the regularly scheduled show (thus: few fans will be watching it live), but archived so fans can view it when they show up for the regularly scheduled show, as a placeholder fill-in. It will give your fans a little something to chew on, and ensures the perception of continuity of your programming.

(3) Do an explanation video, with just the band leader and a family member, or a friend, or your manager, or whoever you can toss a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon at to do you a fast favor. Be creative. Make even a No Show video announcement as interesting and entertaining as possible.

(4) Record a new music video, of a song you do well and fans like it, and put that up on your streaming video host site, MySpace page, main band website, and blogs. Let that be in lieu of a full show. At least you're giving them a little bit of what you normally do on a larger scale. That might tide them over till the next show.

(5) Link to a special, new, free mp3 download of a tune, or upload some video footage from a recent show, or some new photos of the band.

Now try to dream up your own ideas on what you could do to Keep Your Loyal Fans Happy. That's really the name of the game, right? In business, we say that the most valuable asset of any company is it's customer list. That's true in music marketing, too.

Why let a scheduling conflict ruin things for the fickle web surfer community that loves your innovative show?

By doing SOMETHING rather than NOTHING, your fans and newcomers will be impressed. These little dopey things mean a lot to music lovers, who are abnormally sensitive to slightest details in the music and presentations of bands. It's kind of like how baseball fanatics know all the stats on players and stuff.

SkabTV had to skip an episode.

Here's what was done to announce it: the SkabTV Crow Take-over mini-episode...

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