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MySpaceMusic marketing comment strategy

Your band is on MySpace, in the artist space called MySpaceMusic.

You've uploaded your content: mp3s, photos, CD cover art, lyrics, videos, external mp3 players, links to your website, blog, and page.

You've sent Friend Requests to all the bands you can recall as being an influence and inspiration. You've checked out their Top Friends, and sent Friend Requests to some of them.

Now what?

Well, here is where we cross over from artist productivity to the realm of blogocombat, (I am burdened with being the King of Blogocombat, according to Google. Just take a moment to Google that word and see what happens).

Now it's time to interact as a good member of the MySpaceMusic artist and fan community. Careful with that axe Eugene! Here's where you could blow the whole deal and become a despised and shunned idiot.

The worst thing you can do is start posting self-serving comments, links to commercial products, and ads announcing your upcoming gigs and CD release dates.

You will sound like a greedy jerk doing that.

Especially if you use big splashy bullshit posters and sales hype.

Slow down maestro.

First you need to study other band pages and notice the various types of SPAM COMMENTS that are out there. These spammers will teach what NOT to do. Learn your lesson well. Notice how many spammers are pushing ringtones, visitor trackers, online dating services, and other crap.

Notice how many comments say nothing about the artist, whose page they're a guest on, and go straight into what they're trying in vain to promote or sell.

"Check out my new song I uploaded today! Please post a comment and let me know what you think!""

"Come to our show at the Pylon Plaza next Thursday and say hello!"

"New video posted on my page today, and it ROCKS!!!!!

Need I go any further in this swamp of unpersuasive sewage?

STOP being a jackass, and go mingle in the MySpaceMusic party in the correct and more effective way. What way is that? In the same way you'd act and speak if you were in that musician's home.

Here are some suggestions on how to post comments strategically, in keeping with more enlightened socialist-anarchist marketing principles.


1. Tell the artist what your favorite songs or CDs or videos are by them -- and why you favor them so much.

2. Tell the artist how you discovered them.

3. Tell the artist briefly about an experience you've had at one of their concerts.

4. Ask the artist an intelligent question, one that shows your deep familiarity with their music, philosophy, personal interests, or history.

5. Say something funny, clever, inspiring, or bizarre.

6. Post an NON-promotional image, like some weird photo, a surreal artwork, or a poster you made that PROMOTES THEM instead of your stupid band.

7. Offer to do something nice for the artist.

8. Reveal something cool that other fans probably don't know about the artist.

9. Alert the artist to a site that's bootlegging their music, videos, or photos.

10. Tell the artist about your most recent purchases of their work.

11. Simply ask how they're doing or remind them of how much you love their music.

12. Ask them to upload more songs if their player contains less than 6.

13. Inform them of a problem with something on their MySpaceMusic page.

14. Tell the artist how their music makes you feel.

15. Tell the artist about how you played their music real loud outside as you worked in the garage.

16. Tell the artist how you promote their work via Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Facebook, Ning, and other social network (socnet) sites.

17. Tell the artist about something you know they'd probably like: a film, other band, restaurant, art gallery, etc.

18. Tell the artist about something you're band is doing, ONLY if you can relate it somehow to being inspired or jealous of something the artist has done.


That should give you a few good topics to post comments about a music band's MySpaceMusic page. You as a musical artist need to know how to interact with other bands -- the ones you have admired many years, and new phenomena of spectacular promise. I hope this little essay has given you a better direction to follow than the vain psycho-capitalist marketing folly so often encountered on MySpaceMusic.


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