Saturday, March 08, 2008

the HOW of innovation

Today, on Twitter, for we Twitter addicts are always "on" it, like being "on" a drug or a vacation from reality, my pal @carterlusher pointed to a blog post or podcast or streaming seminar, on the "how" of innovation.

That sparked my brain.

Before visiting the site and consuming their informaton about the "how" of innovation, I burst forth the froth of the cream of my best thoughts on the subject. For the benefit of my tiny, rapidly diminshing, demoralized blog readers, I now graciously bestow my boring Twittered insights on the HOW of innovation.

On Twitter, you get a maximum of 140 characters per message, so you must be awkwardly, or majestically, concise, pithy, to the point. You sacrifice a little accuracy for the sake of instant clarity. Please excuse all such hyperbole as you may find it in my humble tweets.


The "how" of innovation: dare to be different, despise conformity, rock the boat, shock the sheep, investigate the underground, subcultures.

@carterlusher - Avoid all anti-innovation: radio music, TV shows, ads, best-sellers. Treasure art, literature, philosophy, eccentricity.

@carterlusher - The "how" of innovation is best seen in Edison. He was workaholic visionary. Work plus Vision. Obsession with goal, bravery.
@carterlusher - The "how" of innovation: think upside down, question all authority and rules, break rules, study other geniuses, work hard.
@carterlusher - The "how" of innovation: compulsive overachiever insomnia, hatred of mediocrity, touch heart of actual user needs and goals.


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