Friday, February 29, 2008

Str8 Sounds in New Musical Express UK

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Str8 Sounds on NME

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NME 2008 Award Winners

May I help you with your music marketing? If I work really hard for a few seconds, maybe I can make your band as successful as mine is being.

Read on wayfaring pilgrim of sonic explorations...

Step up, player, to the NME: New Musical Express. That and October magazine and Art Forum magazine, plus some theory of Jacques Derrida and a few micro-novels by Maurice Blanchot, are all you basically need to be as hip and cool as you know you really ought to be. Shame on you for giving up, and in, so easily!

Lucky for you, we at Sludge Farm Records, are here and there -- in everybody's hair!!! -- and have come to repair.

NME (New Musical Express) is the Rolling Stone magazine of the UK. All the Brits go ape over it. The hippest and most talented new rock musicians are showcased there.

Str8 Sounds and Sludge Farm Records, my new music marketing company, are proud to be featured in the NME Awards 2008 video index. They did a pretty good job of displaying some of my better videos up front in their online display of my horrible, miserable music-visual assaults.


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Str8 Sounds on NME

NME is way more prestigious in music circles than the American rag Rolling Stone. Talk about a great way to kick off my new music marketing company! This is what you hope will happen once you've been in business many years, not right off the bat! LOL

New STR8 SOUNDS song on MySpaceMusic: "Song Against Me"


Jimmy the Pink said...

Str8 Sounds on NME? Outrageous! You poor soul! Will you change the band name now to coRn-fuse 'em, Vaspy?

barney the fife player said...

You're not underground anymore Str8. Must dive deeper down now i guss...,

Skabs Piano Player (Ricky said...

Congratulations mister. Must be nice to rub your enemies' faces in this victory!

vava said...


You never cease to amaze, Vaspers. Keep on keepin on and blow those straight-asses out of the water.