Thursday, February 28, 2008

Revenge of the Skabs photo shoot

Here are some photos I took tonight, plus a couple other odds and ends, for my buddies, The Skabs (Peoria).

The new Skabs album, "Revenge of the Skabs", recorded at Chocolate Ladyland Studio by Jeff Gregory, on Black and Blue Records, is about them crawling back from the dead, to haunt the punk rock scene.

"Revenge of the Skabs" will be a CD album and a film that I will be shooting, producing, and promoting for them.

Back from the dead? Yeah. See, the Skabs were formed by Gabby Skab, after Bloody Mess & the Skabs imploded and fractured and nightmared. Bloody formed new band Bloody Mess & the Transfusions. The Skabs is the residue of original drummer Gabby and original guitarist Slappy.

That image above is the logo I made for them from some altered zombie action figure dolls I found in the cellar of Zeller Mental Asylum (1903 - 1972) in Bartonville, Illinois.

I actually did NOT take the photos below, but I fiddled with them graphically a bit.

Above is the actual poster of the infamous, controversial, mind-boggling show at the German-American Society Hall, Peoria, IL in 1992, I think was the year.

Bloody Mess and I had to meet with the Lieutenant of the Vice Squad in a secret police bunker after the show. Some redneck conservative bullies got the shit kicked out of them by some gay punk bikers, and the sissy boys tried to sue me and Bloody, since we were the ones who signed the contract for the hall. The fighting in the mosh pit happened during slam dancing, but the violence was not the fault of the music.

I began my performance with a radio tape announcing warplanes going to Iraq, the first stupid bombing raid of the first Persian Gulf War, aka the Hailburton/Oil Baron War.

Jeffrey John is the guy who made the Microwave UFOs create a website and blog for The Skabs. He didn't charge them anything, all the work was free. Did you realize that UFOs are easily enslaved? He makes them pesky flying saucers do all kinds of free stuff for us.

Lovely Chelsea Darling, international punk fashion princess, is a good friend and ally of The Skabs.

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