Sunday, February 10, 2008

martin kippenberger: more art is better than less

Less really is less, not more. More is better than less, because there's more of it.

This seems to be the ideology of avant garde artist provocateur Marting Kippenberger, whose selected musical output ("Martin Kippenberger's Greatest Hits") is now available on Ubu Web.


Here are some juicy quotes from "Albert Oehlen Speaks About Martin Kippenberger" on Postmedia.


"He's an extremely good businessman but his business is making art. He doesn't make it as business, business for him is to make as much as possible. And money as much as possible too, but it doesn't have the logic of making money it has the logic of making art. This logic is making more is better than making less."

My way of saying this is that I believe and live Infinite Creativity. The prolific artist is better than the slow, low-productivity artist, most of whom are approval addicts who fear putting very much work "out there" for criticism and debate. More is more and better. The more you produce, the better your chance that something will resonate with others. The less you produce, the fewer items you have to choose from.

Making a lot of something quickly...well, that's what corporations want from workers anyway, right? Same with the consumer. If they love your music, for example, they'll demand more, and you need to accommodate them and lavish it outward to meet their craven, misguided needs.

"He doesn't think that life is art and everything he puts out is good. He really works on it but he works so extremely much that it looks like everything is art. His selection process is 100 times greater than other people's. He can do it because that's what he's doing all day long, he's collecting all day long."

I relate to this. I spend almost all my waking hours working on music, art, or blogs. I don't want to stop making music, promoting it, creating CD art and posters, and listening to music and anti-music from my peers on MySpaceMusic, a network that enables me to converse casually with accomplished bands who might be able to enjoy (doubtful!) or even help (why should they though?) my own music.

"Very often, Kippenberger makes an exhibition just as a reason to make an invitation card or poster."

Again, I have created a CD of music, primarily to accompany the CD art, rather than the art serving the sounds.

"The important thing about Kippenberger is that his attentions are two lines, parallel lines.

The one thing is that he is trying to entertain people and trying to shock people, all his work is that.

He wants to really invent and with every piece to make something new and to be real avant-garde. All day long and with all of his heart he really does believe in nothing else but in art.
He doesn't define it, his father was an artist, he is an artist and his friends are artists.

I think he never asked himself why because he has no choice, he is an artist. He's very, I wouldn't say naive, but it's absolutely clear, there's no question about it.
Other artists maybe ask themselves if art is finished or they are finished. He never asks himself that.

As a motive for modem art he thought that social life could be motive enough...."

The artist in any field, from music and painting to mothering and welding, loves what they do so much, they don't care who complains enviously, or who mocks their style and devotion. They keep smiling, casting cares to the wind, and pumping out tons and tons of words, colors, sounds, shapes, and sensations.

Praise merely seems like stating the obvious.

Condemnation is just a fart in the wind.

The true artist doesn't create for the approval of others. Nor does he do it to piss anyone off. He does it because it feels good to create and he feels compelled to outdo his past creations.

"Kippenberger is never in danger of looking for a theory about his doings. He never thinks about what he's doing there — he's thinking about how to do it better or stronger or more."

Better. Stronger. More.

That's a great tagline slogan for any business or artist.

If you make high quality, entertaining, effective products/works, your hardcore cultish fans and customers will be insatiable. Even when you run out of imagination and start repeating yourself, there will be collector mentality types who can never get enough.

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