Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lotus of the true law, revisited

This description of 1200 monks, at the beginning of the Lotus of the True Law, a Buddhist Mahayana text of special fortuity, could apply to any true spiritual sojourners:

"...all of them Arhats, stainless, free from depravity, self-controlled, thoroughly emancipated in thought and knowledge, of noble breed, (like unto) great elephants, having done their task, done their duty, acquitted their charge, reached the goal; in whom the ties which bound them to existence were wholly destroyed, whose minds were thoroughly emancipated by perfect knowledge, who had reached the utmost perfection in subduing all their thoughts; who were possessed of the transcendent faculties; eminent disciples..."

And this is what all true believers endeavor to achieve, until the voice within is clear and the inner light is brightening all the nooks and crannies. Dissipating the gloom of many kotis of creatures, releasing them from sadistic misanthropic conditioning by domination system planners.

The highly esteemed and treasured Lotus of the True Law contains many beautiful passages for enlightening the mind and re-orienting the soul.


G. Randy Primm said...

thanx, steve; i needed that.

Anonymous said...

Really neat effect on the picture at the top of the post; it is dazzling.

TRUE said...

u kick ass on several levels!