Monday, February 11, 2008

guide to online trolls

Jen Christensen has a post about Cyber Bullying on her blog.

One commenter, Girl Bleeder, said she avoids the whole issue by not allowing her child to have a MySpace account. I posted my opinion on Jen's and Girl Bleeder's blogs.

(EDIT UPDATE: Jen apparently deleted Girl Bleeder's comment, and Girl Bleeder deleted my comment on her blog, in which I challenged two of her statements in the comment that was deleted. Confused? Welcome to the fast paced rough and tumble world of blogocombat!)

The gist of my comment is that parents must research and teach their children how to deal with cyber-bullies, also known as trolls: cowards who try to stir up trouble on a blog or other online forum.

Cyber-bullies and trolls are misanthropes. They hate people, especially those people who disagree with them.

They're trying to hurt others in a sadistic manner, by posting hateful comments. They also, and many bloggers forget this vital aspect, are trying to use your blog as a free advertising billboard for their crazy ideas and stupid ideologies.

Eventually your child is going to have a blog, so you might as well help them learn how to prevent comment spam, how to make good wholesome friends online, and how to deal with cyber-bullies.

The best explanation of the various types of cyber-bully/troll attacks is the Matrix Guide to Online Trolls.

This issue of cyber-bullies, online stalkers, and trolls is a life or death topic, for there have been children who committed suicide due to extreme, relentless cyber bullying.

My blog, Vaspers the Grate, contains many posts on blogocombat, how to handle online debates, which is the broader catergory that cyber bullying falls into. Read, learn, and teach your children well.


Exblick said...

I deleted my own comments. And yours was deleted because it was not relevant to the post. I still maintain that the under 12 set has no business having a myspace page or blog. I'm sure you'll guide your own children well. If you have them.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks for the explanation. I agree with you that under 12 children don't need a MySpace page.

And many adults don't need to be on Twitter to just waste time chatting about random topics. Ha!

But there are some nice, safe, family oriented social network sites out there.

Club Penguin for example. I'm no expert on under 12 social networks, so I'll conclude my remarks now.


My Flock Rocks! said...

Girl Bleeder aka exblick, rixblix has posted comments on my blog that had to be deleted many do I know? I traced her IP address...

Exblick said...

Rixblix deleted her own posts from Flock's blog. And she's also quite capable of ISP searches and knows who visits a comments on her site, as well. If Ms. Flock has an issue with me, she should contact me directly. And again, I deleted my own comment from Newsmom's blog. Me. I did it, myself.