Tuesday, February 05, 2008

deeper secrets of blogocombat 1

Some people create.

Others wish they could create, but cannot, and may decide to criticize instead. Your attackers are your backers. Destructive criticism is the best kind to encourage. You must do and say certain things to attract the right type of adversary.

People who have tried and failed, and given up completely, are the best reviewers of your productions. They are full of envy and hate, which combine to fuel a splendid spew. The venom they unleash against you will provide you with the ultimate test: "What's the worst thing a jealous opponent could say about this?"

Often, this negative assessment is slow in coming. But once it arrives, as the adversary gathers the gusto to let off some steam against you, you then behold the beautiful view: the ugly side of their anger unveils a minor glitch you can abruptly correct, or a tiny flaw you can joyfully fix.

You must learn to ignore all praise and concentrate instead upon the heroic attempts of your foes in their valiant and super-manly efforts to hurt, mock, and discourage you.

Only insecure people wish for applause and good reviews in the media. These wretches are known in psychiatric circles as selfless patients and approval addicts. True creatives just keep producing, some good, some bad, always moving forward, making mistakes and unveiling masterpieces, like my techno songs.

The true artist and technician share this glaring pinnacle: the heights of greatness are achieved by stepping on the mouthy heads of your enemies, and NOT by leapfrogging from friend to friend.

You get nowhere basking in complimentary remarks and constructive criticism that softens and adulterates the painful truth about the barely visible blemish in your self-portraiture, or the unnoticed weakness of a small, nearly insignificant element of your total spearheading of new truth and action.

If you've never been trolled, flamed, or comment spammed, you're no blogger. You live in an imaginary Disneyland where everybody's nice and tolerant and happy to see others succeed.

The real world is full of monsters-in-training who triangulate their own demise. But we must lure them to us and use them to get an honorable, hatefully honest rebuke and dismissal. This is how we gain renewed combat energy and social light, and this is how we use our enemy's spite and loathing to polish our circular saws and sublime swordings.


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