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creative profiles on MySpaceMusic marketing

When you fill out the Profile data on your MySpaceMusic page, do you tell the facts about your band, in a dry book report fashion? Or do you spice it up, and say something funny, unexpected, or bizarre?

You must decide if your music is mainstream (generic) or avant garde (innovative).

If your music is for the nihilist normals out there, you should probably play it straight and give a brief factual history. New fans may appreciate a recitation of all your awards and venues played.

However, if your music is designed for the underground, techno, anti-rock star, DIY, art-damaged outsider, free jazz, improvisational classical, or punk scene, you should probably be more creative in how you present your band.

Some bands have interesting histories, with members creating side bands and split-off groups. But new (and obscure) bands that don't have any gory or astonishing backgrounds can be more playful with their descriptions.

Here are some examples of creative profile information (About, Sounds Like, etc.) on MySpaceMusic.






This Heat



.....more biography to come.....

"this heat was formed from the collective desire of its individual members
not to be in other peoples groups"

"This Heat, the first record,
(The Blue and Yellow ) was a landmark release.
It tore up the book and laid new rules
for band composition and performance.
The music was without precedent;
the musicians uncompromising;
the recordings hammeringly intense
and the sound deep, radical, and rich.
This was music stripped back to the bone but never simplified.
And over time it has also proved itself prescient;
there are musical innovations here
that anticipate genres that would take
another 15 years to reappear."

Beautiful Traps


For booking or if you want a copy of the pretty cd pictured below: beautifultraps [at] gmail [dot] com

You can also stream and download the entire record right here, but you'll have to rationalize mp3's accession to the throne in a way that is completely different from your blind acceptance of cassette tape's triumph over vinyl records.

Brian Reichert and The Thomas Jefferson Airplane


Dear Everyone, I'm sorry, I can't write to each of you individually, but our family counselor said it was important to get this letter out to everyone as quickly as possible. It's sad that we have to send a message like this. We realize that almost all of you who gave money to Little Jay gave it in good faith, but please, DO NOT loan Jay Junior any more money. Jay Junior wasn't trying to take advantage of anyone. He just wanted to be certain that he was getting enough foods from the Meat Group. The meat that can be returned, will be. The meat that has already gone bad, Jay Junior will pay for out of his own pocket. All of your money will be returned.

Sincerely, Viv

Rainbow Kandicaine

Bringing you back soundscapes from her numerous trips to various galaxies and alternate dimensions, Rainbow Kandicaine is a channel for an innovative new sound: "psychedelic kandy-kore with a dark goa twist." On the 13th day of January 1988, a Capricorn with a Scorpio Moon & Libra Ascendent named Jackie was born to a loving family in Rochester, NY. Growing up with goals to become a fine artist, it wasn't until the summer of 2005 that she began to realize her abilities as a musician. Starting off small, using garageband, she began to develop her sound and expand her repertoire. In early 2007, she adopted the name Rainbow Kandicaine and began spreading her good vibes to the masses. Now, releasing the harmonies from deep within her soul, a different new psychedelic landscape arises with each track, creating an abstract atmosphere within the listeners' psyche. Take a trippy kaleidoscope trip to a foreign land in your mind with Rainbow Kandicaine!!!!

Stephen Malkmus (ex-Pavement)


Real Emotional Trash, the new album from Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

“I am not a present to be opened up and parceled out again,” our man insists on “Gardenia,” track seven on his new album. Ha! That’s what you think, pal. From the day nigh two decades ago when the first scratchy sounds of Pavement floated in the ether above Stockton (crown jewel of California’s Central Valley, the sprawling breadbasket that neither the North or the South have claimed in California’s ongoing “two states” culture war; just providing some historical context that will be useful a few sentences later), the music of Stephen Malkmus has been the gift that keeps on keepin’ on.

Did SM not offer the eternal promise of “perfect sound forever”? Was this sly appropriation of a digital age boast for Pavement’s low-bandwidth treble-kicks not a prescient example of that “irony” thing everybody talked about in the ‘90s? Can we then conclude that that by invoking “paralyzed dreams forever” on this album Malkmus foretells some sort of bad moon on the rise?

Hell, I don’t know, and I’m the omniscient narrator of this artist bio. But I will point out that much of Real Emotional Trash, his fourth "solo" LP (this one credited with The Jicks, like his second, Pig Lib), is decidedly low-down and heavy. It could hardly be otherwise with monster drummer Janet Weiss now a full-fledged Jick, alongside bassist Joanna Bolme and guitar/keyboardist Mike Clark.

Meanwhile, Malkmus the guitar hero is on full display here. “Dragonfly Pie,” “Baltimore,” and the title track are alchemic combinations of intricate composition and unfettered jam. Whoa, did I actually type the phrase “unfettered jam”? Scratch that. (Did I actually say “scratch that”? It’s a good thing I'm anonymous as well as omniscient.)

Malkmus’ genius is that he knows exactly when to fetter. These songs may sprawl like the Central Valley (told you), they may spread out like a jet’s flame, but when they reach that last tract house they gracefully spread their wings and head for the unclaimed land beyond. Indeed, although Malkmus makes the Pacific Northwest his home, this feels like a “California” album. Check out how “Real Emotional Trash” begins as a modern-day “Tonight’s the Night,” before evolving into a road trip from the Mexican border to Marin, in the tradition of Pavement’s “Unfair.” And dig those Allman Bros. leads (really!).

Elsewhere, “We Can’t Help You” channels the Band’s “The Weight,” tapping that same vein of late-night melancholia and early-morning lucidity. “Cold Son” sounds like a cruise down the Ventura Highway. And if another song released this year makes you smile as much as “Gardenia,” I have a rare Crust Brothers bootleg with your name on it. While I cannot get with the song’s insistence that its singer is not a “present,” I can sympathize with one line: “don’t want to damn you with the faintest praise.” That’s what it feels like to write about this record, tossing around those historical comparisons, making you read about it when you could be listening to it. So listen, already.

Times New Viking


Breath in: snuff a line speed, a half hour jump on your cheap amplifiers, salad yet once a half hour with you yet cheaper guitar against the wall. Write eleven popliedjes, lay the emphasis on cryptic and forget everything your song teacher you ever learned has. Seek your neighbor girl on and tell her that your musics will make. Lay her emphatically from that she must not try to sing. Stick, now that you it really are, also just your tongue between her lips till you certainly are that they that rather has not. Give her then you eleven popliedjes and (optioneel) a guitar. Question her these eleven popliedjes with you together to not to sing, expect of it surplus. Mess what with the buttons on the amplifier, let the hamster of your neighbor girl also once over the strings run, sign the head of the father of your neighbor girl on the skins of a Bears Smit drumstel, call her feather ten-year-old little brother and lay from that its father him really real hatred. Breath out: and voila, Yourself Summoned. Sounds good? Sounds in it really yet better. Blessed with a delicious dose ADHD-spontaneity and a fine nose for popmelodieƫn know Tim New Viking on Summoned Yourself a particular charming pot borrow-fi garagepop down to dump. A kind of contemporary version of The Shaggs, but then without the implicit family tie. More a neighbor boy-neighbor girl tie thus.

When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water

ABOUT... (excerpt)

When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water, the Brooklyn, New York gaggle of merry pranksters fronted by double singers Kim M. Rancourt and Joey DeFilipps, is devoted to conceptual covers of material from outside sources. Depending on one's point of view, the work can be viewed as deconstructing the originals, partying with them or pummeling unsuspecting songs into submission. They sound like punch-drunk travelers who've taken a wrong turn and wandered into a quiet seacoast village, but, undaunted, come rolling out of their bus into the town square and begin singing songs of their homeland. But what seem, on first exposure, to be wildly exuberant first-take performances, are when called for actually smart arrangements. And dumb arrangements when they're called for. These workmen use the right tool for the job....

Caroliner Rainbow Bluembiegh Treason of the Abyss

(NOTE: Cottypearile of Caroliner sent me a message stating the full name of the band is now Caroliner Rainbow Wire Thin Sheep Baking Exhibit. I think their name changes with every new release, but I'm in the midst of verifying this fact right now as we speak.)


The 1800s


-Applehead back pack -American Nail Umbrella -Banjo Lump -The Barn Attic Dullard -The Battling Pigllist -Berims -Berjums -Bingo Marvin -Big Mouth Driesuhen -Both Oars -Brazen and Meticulous Pintle -Brown Tools -B'sau Sau -BulkCue -Bullerma -Bullup -Buytime -Buttercup Lesson -Chance Century -Chapel Rimmer -Chloras (or Chlora) -Chicken Climber -Christo B. Panim -Chimney Pinch -Clam'd -Claytonia -Cottypearile -Country Thumcake -Croakalypse -Croq Braids -Crap Hat Carson -Cudskin -Daydostuffice -Darrieny Diddle O -Dirt Sheet Sue -Doey Bulch -Dobersores -Doxie Goodpatty -Elk Possum -Fawn Brodye -The Felt Pelt -The Four Armed Sheriff From Greenway -The Flying Sluicebox -Gripplea -Gris Welled -Groat Pulp -Grub Caliber -Gumfry Bullcue -Gumfry Pumple Possession -Hack Hack -Ma and Pa Hair Ointment -Harpfart -Herding Pounds -Horsemetia -Horsepimp -Hocrag -Horse Pump -Hotel Crisp Reads -Hug Leg Lesy -The Hundred-Mile Banner Man -The Indian Tongue Wink -Jib Lipprint -The Knowledge Breadboxer -Koy Coy -Lake Shore Pelt -Leaf Pants -Leatherlip Luke -Letter From The Heart Of The Spitstorm -Log Mooner -The Luminous Lump -Log Groom -Loud Amen Cushion -Lousy Stinking Stanley -Mangerugg -Mold Certificate -Mittens Samdrags -M.L. Drinurne -The Mole Certificate -Mosie -Old Ben Spayed -Peoplepies -Piddlestick Guillotine -Pinkboy -Pin Cusser -PudGeist -Pulpy -Puppy Who Wounds -Rarespit -Regurgitotems -Rim and Dot Raisers -Roopy de Rupert -Rungs -Rim and Dot Raisers -Shithouse Papermaid -Silence Eater -Silverbean -Silver Stump -Sink Me Augustus -Slobberhouse Sock -Soakmadill -Sore Pony Lore -Spider Compass -Squire Marvin -Stan Cakes -Swearing Tar -Testecott -Temperance of the Flies -Threadhold -The Three Padded Brain -Thunder Sun Dung -Timber Amplifier -Tip The Scales My Wayne -Tisco Van -Top Knot Tom -Toothless And Twenty Four -Trusted Knuckleman -The Wells of Wallyton, VA. -Vests of Skin -Welcome To The Last Day On Earth -The Western Hand Builder -Woodpatty -William Silverstumps -Yacopper Neckashower -Yeast Scroll

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