Monday, February 04, 2008

Blog Personality Parade

Guy Kawasaki tweeted something on Twitter today that sparked my brain. I was looking for a topic to blog about, and I dreaded doing yet another rant on how the blogosphere does have values, ethics, and standards for being effective and trustworthy.

His request was: "Please send me your list of 'big personalities' who have blogs. Eg, Scoble, Winer, Godin, Cuban, Calacanis, etc."

Here is my quickly formulated list of blog personalities on parade: the ones I particularly like and from which I learn a lot.

This is an especially significant action for me to take. See, I've been absent from the mainline blogosphere for about a year, all wrapped up in Twitter/Pownce/Jaiku, and most recently, MySpaceMusic. I mean, I have continued to blog here, but have reduced to near zero my reading of other blogs and posting comments on them.

So I'm reaching back into my early days of blogging about 6 years ago, and revisiting my beloved mentors, colleagues, and allies.

Please don't feel slighted if I didn't mention your blog, I can't list every single blog I've ever read and been impressed by. Not in this post anyway.

If I forgot you, just write an angry belittling post about my ignorant negligence and link to me. Then I'll go to your post and apologize and people will think they've witnessed some rough and tumble blogocombat. Cheap entertainment, eh?

Here are some of the most distinct and interesting "blog personalities" that I enjoy, most are well known, a few are more obscure.

Blog Personality Parade

Seth Godin

Laura Ries

Paul Woodhouse

Robert Scoble

Doc Searls

Joel Spolsky

Heather Green

Shel Israel

Roblimo Miller

Dave Weinberger

John Hagel III


Liz Strauss

Richard Edelman

Jason Calacanis

Ivan Pope

Loren Feldman

Jim Estill

John Battelle

Steve Hall

Jeffrey Zeldman

Evan Williams

Dean Esmay

John Maeda

Hugh McLeod

Guy Kawasaki

Debbie Weil

Bill Dennis

Jen Christensen


ME Strauss said...

Hey friend,
It's good to see you blogging again. Thank you for including me on this fabulous list. Wow!

I've been coming by and lurking some . . . just to be around.

Paul Woodhouse said...

Do you remember the days when everybody on this list would've trotted over like good little soldiers to partake in some mutual fluffing?

When did we all get so jaded?

You are a prince amongst thieves, sir.

steven edward streight said...

Yes, but we had to clobber half of them in blogocombat.