Friday, February 29, 2008

Alec Empire live in Warsaw VIDEO

I can't stop watching this video, the Logitech computer speakers with sub-woofer is cranked up to maximum volume. It appears to be a finely crafted collage of a few live songs by Alec Empire, of Atari Teenage Riot, from a very recent Warsaw gig. He has a finesse that's quite charming, and the light show is very simple but effective. It's an exciting thing Alec is sharing with us here.

Alec Empire is the genius anarchist musician from the astonishing Atari Teenage Riot. His solo work is fascinating, reminds me of late Iggy Pop and The Fall with hard electronics.

My new Simple Definition of "Anarchy"

Alec Empire with Hellish Vortex
Live in Warsaw

Alec Empire Live in Warsaw Feb 08

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