Thursday, January 17, 2008

Twitter vs. MySpaceMusic

Since I deleted my Twitter account, vast realms of time have appeared unto me, not entirely unlike some sempiternal, mystical vision. The hours and effort I used to pour into Twitter, is now being poured into MySpaceMusic.

I feel that my time spent in MySpaceMusic is more productive, no offense meant, than the large amounts of time I spent hammering out random barbs, links, and insights in Twitter. I'm, I'd guess one might say, happier, if that makes any sense in such a messed up world and nation.

While many technical people were in my Twitter friends community, and I shared and learned much, it's a lot more fun and productive, for me as a musician, to be on MySpaceMusic. I am discovering many new bands, and hearing much that pleases or inspires me.

On Twitter, I had common ground with my approximately 700 Followers who subscribed to my messages, but that ground was always fluctuating, common on this point, in conflict on another. We traded opinions, political feelings (I say "feelings" instead of "ideas", because all politics and government is unnatural and irrational), musical tastes, mp3 finds, video recommendations, software news, and such, only about 5% of the communications were relevant to me.

Of course, only 5% of my messages were relevant to my audience, depending on what their interests were at any given moment. So I'm not disrespecting any of my loyal and enthusiastic Followers. It's fun being a cult leader.

Seriously though, Twitter, even with a carefully assembled Follower community, is mostly shotgun. You scatter your random thoughts, strong beliefs, and discombobulating questions to an audience, and, due to the rushing river of brevities that flows at high velocity, the persons who could benefit, or help you most, may not be "on Twitter" to catch you message in real-time.

If you've used Twitter, or any other micro-blogging, status update, socnet application, you don't need me to elaborate on all the pros and cons.

It can be addictive, time-consuming, and conducive to emotional outbursts, that can be cause remorse and self-loathing later on. Everybody spills their guts in short 140 character blasts, and the ease and simplicity of it makes it verge on being stream of consciousness in a clinical, psychoanalytic sense: the deeper, censored self leaks out, quite a bit.

I saw myself tangle with Confederate flag worshippers, Business-As-Enronishly-Usual weirdos, North Korean sex vamp trolls (the Amanda Chapel hoax), and Paid Opinions Are Valid opportunists, and many others.

I also started, or strengthened, relationships with some of the brightest minds in the business:
Evelyn Rodriguez,
BL Ochman,
Liz Strauss,
Valeria Maltoni,
Guy Kawasaki,
Seth Godin,
Eric Rice
Ann Miller (AnnOhio)
NewMediaJim (Jim Long, NBC)
Matt Searles (electronic musician)

(I'll add more as I check my Jaiku re-stream for all the names, and I will list most of you, eventually.)

I miss all you folks, bitterly, in fact. I resent the fact that I felt I needed to make a move. But I'm obsessive sometimes, and I decided, if I was going to be obsessive about my participation in a social network, I needed to get a lot more bang for my buck.

I also was moving more heavily into the music side of my work.

Rather than debate web technology and political topics, I decided to promote my music. This is a positive development. Yet, I'm losing. I'm losing my constant contact with marketing professionals and software innovators.

Perhaps I can resurrect this by way of Pownce and Jaiku, getting back into those communities, which I abandoned in favor of Twitter. For now, I'm updating here in Vaspers and also on my music page, which I hype too much.



Valeria Maltoni said...

You need to do what feel right to you and where your work and passions are going. Life is constant change. I've had many a discussion with a dear friend (in Australia, mind you, well that's where he is) about change and the flow of it, etc.

I've missed your perspective on things. Thank you for reminding me of your blog. Good old email for me works, too. I will stay in touch if you promise you will.

Matt Searles said...

Man, I can tell you, twitter just isn't the same without you. Some of the fun is gone. *sigh*

steven edward streight said...

@valeria @matt I miss you too. Twitter was a time drain, though very valuable and fun. Meet me on Pownce.