Monday, January 14, 2008

MySpaceMusic bands with FREE mp3 downloads

Most bands provide music you can listen to on a player, but few allow fans to download and save their songs. It's the old fashioned "charge for every fart the artist produces" mentality.

Here are some that abstain from such archaic, self-defeating, anti-promotional protectionism.

These bands know that free music is the key to getting new fans, blogospheric buzz, and customer loyalty. Free music hooks them, then they may be willing to pay for unfree music later, if they develop a craving for your sounds and a collector's mentality.

To search for any band, just go to MySpaceMusic, type in the names, click the dropdown menu to "Music", click on Search, and voila~!

The Kick Me's (several tracks across different album sites: start here, then scroll down to their Friends, for their sites.)

Monks from Mars

Telepathik Friend

Magical Forest

Lazy Magnet

The Spirit Cabinet

No Picasso

Free Diamonds

Mike Bruno Nighty-Night Ghost Choir


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kid audio said...

When I saw the MySpaceMusic graphic on your page (the one with the neon light outline), I was like whoah, the ghost bunny in Donny Darko! lol
Nyway, if you want ideas on
mp3 storage and sharing, check out i got my bossa nova and indie rock fix from there!
Two candidates for 2nd best mp3 player?