Monday, January 14, 2008

music marketing with MySpaceMusic

So many interesting bands, even Panic Rock, Chimp Rock, and Surrealist Artrock!

Bromp Treb aka Fat Worm of Error aka Anthropophagous Rex?

Perhaps the most obscure, bizarre, and creative band that ever arose out of Massachusetts! Millions of young musicians are probably attempting to imitate them, right now, as we speak! Get your FREE Bromp Treb and ilk mp3s!

Above: The Skabs video and rehearsal studio. Guitar player is like lightning on them strings!

Promote your band with: (1) free song downloads (2) free videos (3) free photos (4) ... and words (if absolutely necessary). Like I've said many times before, give fans stuff to listen to and watch. Music lovers usually don't like to read a lot, especially when it's generic, typical, boring hype.

Blogging is communication.

If you feel you have something to say, say it. If you don't, try quoting someone else, and adding your unique commentary on it. Find something to discuss, in the blogosphere, or in a book. It could be a new angle of your own on a familiar topic, or your contrarian opinion on a current controversy.

Advertising and marketing were about you being what the corporations wanted you to be: a consumer eternally devoted to their products. Just shut up and listen to the message. Don't bother telling us anything -- we only want to hear how many products you want to buy today.

Blogging is the polar opposite.

As a blogger, you praise or trash a product, based on YOU, not them.

You say what you think about the product. The loving adorational accolades may gush out of you like a choir boy singing Amazing Grace for the first time. Or the angry venom may pour from your post like so much liquid lava out of a volcano that got out of the wrong side of the bed, with bad bed hair to boot.

Since I like various types of music, I often post about bands I've discovered, especially and almost exclusively, if they provide a lot of free mp3s and videos for fans to watch, save to an iTunes playlist, burn to CD, hand out to friends, and thereby distribute the music for increased buzz and popularity.

It's fun to post photos of CD covers and live performances of the music bands you like. By adding links to their websites or MySpace pages, you help them. You might even receive a comment on your blog, or an email, from a band member.

Right now, I'm having second thoughts about MySpace. I actually like the MySpaceMusic platform. It's working quite well, as I test it and use it to promote my free music. By adding bands that I like, and have influenced me, I communicate my musical tastes to the world. And I help promote these bands and musicians.

When I select the "Top 10 Friends" to display in The Str8 Sounds MySpaceMusic home page, my goal is to show respect to major influences, and to enhance my own reputation by showing off the cool artists that may actually have visited my site, and consequently added me as their Friend, based on my sounds.

That "Top 10 Friends" list is very important for the marketing of your own music, as I've just explained. I currently (1-14-2008) display Beastie Boys, partly due to the widespread name recognition, and partly due to my love of their aesthetic, comedy music, and their new instrumental album "The Mix-Up".

I have a problem with the 6 song limit on the MySpaceMusic player. I want my fans to have tons of free music. So I added my Ning mp3 player (at New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network) to my "Sounds Like" module.

Result: fans can listen to, and download, 6 Str8 Sounds songs on the MySpaceMusic player, plus another 43 songs on the Ning player, for a current total of 49 songs!

MySpaceMusic player has a great feature though: it accepts both mp3 and the new mp4 (m4a) audio files of iTunes ("Convert Selection to AAC"), while Ning does not.

So, I'm looking for a good audio file converter, to convert the m4as to mp3s, which I can then upload to my Ning player.

Anyway, then I added a MySpaceMusic slide show of Str8 Sounds and Vaspers-related art, CD covers, show posters, promos, etc. above the Ning music player. I did this so people have something to watch while they listen to the wretched, tortured tunes.

I carefully arrange my images so as to communicate a subtle marketing message: Str8 Sounds is prolific, active, triumphant. Str8 Sounds is something people like. Str8 Sounds has professional products. Str8 Sounds is nice entertainment for both the unwashed masses and the squeaky clean elites!

Music videos are also being uploaded.

Bromp Treb vs. The Mountain Emult (2:24)


(1) Don't junk up your MySpaceMusic site with huge, long scrolling photos that are also so wide, the break the browser window, requiring it to create a horizontal scroll bar.

(2) Don't put so much on in that it takes forever to download.

(3) Don't use background colors or images that make your site difficult, if not impossible, to read.

Try my product? It's, as usual, FREE.

More tips will be coming soon.

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