Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to get better results from your website

NOTE: Do not be shocked, you worthless trolls, if you see me post a "substantial post" here, while I'm at the office, during [gasp!!!!] Work Hours.

This is simply a quick Copy and Paste job.

I wrote this for my employer's News on his website, and now I throw it up on my "personal" blog, that I "play with", at unexpected hours.

A website should be a living, dynamic, interactive entity. Not a static object that sits there as a mere "web presence".

"Should"? We mean: this is what your customers are demanding. People want all the information they need to solve a problem, or choose a product to enjoy.

What visual impact does your current website have? Does it scream "amateur"? Or sing "classy!" ... ?

Does it look abandoned, dated, half-hearted? Are the colors nice? Is the design professional? Or does it look childish, confused, uncool?

Does everything work? Have you tried clicking all the links lately? What are your traffic and content stats looking like? How many songs are in your mp3 player? Could you add more? How about video? Audio podcasts?

Are your competitors, just a click or two away, doing better with their website than you are? We can help.

It's getting tougher out there, you know. Many businesses are looking to cut expenses and make everything more productive.

A website is no exception. It should work hard too. It's like an employee, an online representitive, a digital salesperson who is promoting your business all year round.

You better make sure you're telling the whole story of (1) what their problem is (2) why you understand it well (3) why your product/service is the best solution for [customer type: moms, busy executives, musicians, or whoever it is that buys your merchandise.] and (4) why they need to buy your product right now, while they're thinking about it.

You must also have a website that meets all the needs of your customers: downloads, uploads, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, white papers, detailed contact form, photo gallery, product comparison charts, model selection guide, whatever they need to make an educated, thus appropriate and pleasing, choice.

You also need traffic at your website.

We tell our website clients to do certain things to boost search engine rankings and drive more qualified, high-conversion traffic to their ecommerce or corporate websites.

One of the hot tips we give out is: update your content frequently, with naturally occurring keywords.

Probably the #1 thing to do to improve your website results is to give it a fresh graphic design with increased functionality and better navigation / usability.

The #2 best improvement to your website would be to start adding fresh content to it, on a more regular or frequent basis.

How can anybody get excited about your company, if your website is antiquated, the same old thing, no sign of life or activity? No new photos, no new press releases, no news, nothing.

Let's polish up your website and make it work harder for your business.

Add fresh content: photos, press releases, news items, testimonials, tutorials, how-to tips, anecdotes, industry developments, improved techniques or materials, and how your company is implementing them -- and what they mean for your customers.

You tell a better story, and show a better product, on your website, and you'll be way ahead of your competitors.

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