Saturday, January 19, 2008

blogs and anonymous bullies

Cowards love blogs, because they think they can verbally attack someone, and get away with it. All they have to do is submit a comment form, wait for moderation to filter out spambots, and voila! A hopefully hurtful comment! On the worldwide web!

"Now everybody will see my clever, injurious remark, and join my side, in hating this rotten blogger!" they naively assume, since they don't understand debate or the web or computers.

They think they've made a strategic strike at the heart of some pajama clad Starbucks blogger. Or some poverty-stricken geek lurking in a basement, eating cold pizza and burying posts on Digg.

Anonymous bullies think a person's blog is a vulnerability they can exploit, like computer viruses that attempt to take advantage of enterprise system holes and home user PCs. But what is really vulnerable is the bully's stupidity, now on display for the world to see.

They are too cowardly to start a blog and be on the receiving end of negative, harsh comments. They can't take, what in their mind is, "such abuse". Just words typed into the digital effluvium, that's all any post or comment or email is. Evaporating as it appears, jejune and demurraged into infinite desuetude.

Still, they post an angry comment, then run away. They call you a "liberal" or a "tree hugger", then they dash off to play darts in some dive where they strut around like some Luddite tough guy. Real bad ass, eh?

"Hiding behind a computer" is a common accusation made by the invisible, anonymous bullies. It's probably the stupidest remark of all trolling, since we are Becoming Vivid, not hiding, not invisible, not cowering in a corner. We Are Transparency Itself, the new model of authenticity and power. Watch out: we might Dan Ratherize you.

Anonymous trolling is easy. It takes no brains, no courage, no patriotism.

Just jealousy of someone who is heavily present all over the internet. Just envy and bitterness, plus a big glob of hatred for those who think differently. Who think independently of "authority", "leadership", and the World Trade Organization (WTO) as they push us into a North American Union and destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America.

I specialize in what I call "blogocombat". I don't refer to violence or brutality, but an aggressive force of reason and metaphysical insight that smashes the frozen rhetoric of zealous zombies.

Though I was born in the world's most secret and secretive U.S. Army fort, which is Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and brought into this world by a colonel, I have grave misgivings about our Eternal War exploits, and how we never want to leave a country once we've bombed (on false pretenses and lies) and occcupied it.

Though I was raised in a military family, nobody should actually enjoy or relish any kind of combat. Online discussion, even heated debate is always good. Trash talking and needling each other is excellant. I learn more from negative remarks, that are based on logic, than flattering praise, no matter how genuine and correct it is.

Ever hear cowards say, "Well, if you mean *constructive* criticism, then I agree with you."

Listen: NO. I do NOT mean "constructive criticism", which cowards define as evaluations that are gentle, happy, nice, soft, sensitive, all that wishy washy shit that immature individuals cling to.

No, to hell with "constructive criticism".

I prefer to hear your most vile, hateful, ugly attack, so long as I'm the only target, and you refrain from hate speech directed at:

gays, blacks, women, animals, insects, labor unions, environmentalists, radicals, activists, anarchists, liberals, socialists, Freudian analysts, poat-Freudian analysts, linguists, musicians, tennis players, computer technicians, hair stylists, librarians, business magazine publishers, usability analysts, taxi drivers, waiters, waitresses, film makers, poets, deconstructionists, cigarette smokers, punk rockers, tattooed people, people with several heads, people who can fly just by thinking about it, people who eat food that you're not familiar with, persons with disabilities, house pets, wildlife creatures, interstellar lifeforms, advanced alien intelligences, robots, any kind of mechanical device, machines, servo-mechanisms, tech gadgets, organic farmers, motorcycle club members, carpenters, university professors, roofers, carpet cutters, fabric designers, pastry chefs, foot villagers, garbage disposal workers, abstract expressionists, computer programmers, IT department heads, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, Jains, Hindus, Seiks, Whirling Dervishes, Swedenborgians, and other persons and groups who are not "you", or are not in "your group".

Thank you!

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