Sunday, January 13, 2008

arrow of truth in blogging

There is an Arrow of Truth in blogging. Let me tell you very slowly and meticulously about one tiny part of it.

An elite ethnomethodologist's dream is rapidly coming true in the blogosphere.

Heck, the simple act of reading this makes you a part of it, whether you like it or not. By reading and especially by transcending mere lurking and being a big boy or girl and POSTING COMMENTS, from rancid outrage to divine benedictions, you become a rebel against the Domination Systems that include the mainstream media, military establishment, and Enronish corporate culture (WTO).

By reading, commenting, quoting, and linking to blogs, you are slapping the joystick out of the hands of corporate planners. You sink your teeth into the premium steak of mistaken identities playing full field with amazonic grace.

Sinister outcreepings, moving sideways down the lane, hope to sneak and fit in, but their anonymous/pseudonymic gestures only blind them further to the revolution shaking under their feet and especially: over their heads.

Approval addicts don't last long in the rough and tumble world of the blogs o' fear. You must be a man of iron or a woman of steel to brave the blows, to launch a blog and watch it sail the sometimes stormy seas like a holy pirate on steroid stews.

You watch the turbulent debates, how trained professionals regress to infantile stages of development, citing long passages of law or medicine or software design, only to bash each other's brains out in introductory and closing remarks.

"I referenced the document I was quoting. Must I now read it aloud to you? Are you capable of thinking outside the propaganda you've been brainwashed by?" is the kind of professionalist blogocombat I used to just dream about, but rarely encounter.

Welcome to the blogos fear: intelligensia slurs, highly educated insult-stabbing, and country club ball-crunching. And it's all happening IN "THE BLOGS" (as the MSM callously calls us).

To referee and mediate a bloodbath blogocombat scene is pure joy in conflict resolution theory and sensitivity tweaking. I heartily applaud all bloggers who keep blogging, in the face of traffic dearths, troll invasions, blogocombat kill zones, and ads not clicking.

You, blogger, you persevere through obscurity, misunderstanding, and typer's cramp.

Ha ha ha.

Sorry. Not laughing at you, per se. I'm in stitches with chuckling from the thought of those who use blog comments to attack blogs, blogging, "hiding behind a computer" (actually, the reverse is true: we are vividly transparent and public THROUGH or VIA the computer!), blogospheric reality, blogger triumphalism, and such things of that nature.

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