Friday, December 14, 2007

blogs of passion and information

Blogs, by the precedents set by early pioneers like Tim Berners-Lee, Mark Andreessen, Dave Winer, Doc Searls, Jorn Barger, and Rebecca Blood, are about passion.

Pioneer bloggers were enthusiastic about computers and technology.

Then personal opinions about a variety of issues emerged. Next thing you know, blogs are blabbering about what was eaten for lunch and an astonishing variety of narcissistic navel-gazing.

Even when the blog is boring, self-centered, and drivelous, it's still a revolutionary act. Each blog represents the rise of individual voice, the first time in human history that the average person could publish content to a worldwide audience.

Naturally Yours is a good example of a passionate, informative blog.

I sold the blog to Roger Hutchinson, General Manager, and he delegated the blogging duties to his most passionate and computer-savvy employee, Matt Kowal.

This is exactly how a blog strategy can work for many companies. Often the CEO, Owner, or Manager doesn't have the time, interest, or enthusiasm to maintain a blog and post regularly. At the same time, they're convinced that a blog could be a good communication channel with customers, or a way to drive traffic to a store or ecommerce site. In that case, they should delegate the duties.

What's really nice is that Matt blogs about topics of interest to himself that he thinks might help others, he responds to comments (often in new posts, rather than in comments), and he works a photographic image into nearly every single post, for visual interest.

Matt, the official blogger of Naturally Yours, pulls no punches. He has an axe to grind against the problematic "medical model", mainstream health institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry.

I share his concerns, but not all his opinions. What's great is how he shares his expertise and experiments, in a transparent and honest manner. Your company should be so fortunate to have a deeply devoted product enthusiast and aggressive, controversial opinionator.

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