Tuesday, November 13, 2007

planting questions vs. authenticity

I'm proud to be a hardcore blogger, for we have higher ideals and ethical standards than politicians. Which isn't saying much, but what can you do?

Hillary Clinton was recently caught planting questions in a university audience. She wanted to address the issue of global warming, whether the students did or not. Perhaps she felt that she knew the concerns of students better than they themselves did. Or maybe she felt they "should" ask her about this issue.

A scripted question for a scripted politician.

Let's not pick on Hillary. Question planting may be a standard practice of the Bush Junior Administration, and other politicians. But what makes this a big deal anyway? Who cares if a question is planted, or a cheer or a boo, for that matter?

What's wrong with fake public sentiments? What's so bad about artificial audiences that are simulating the voice of The People? Have we forgotten what totalitarianism is?

To manipulate the public with false representations of that public, and addressing an imaginary public's concerns? It's the opposite of Honesty, Transparency, and Authenticity. Three of the major values of blogging.

There's a disconnect between The People and The Government. The (not "our") Government is forcing laws and policies on us that we don't want. Politicians want to talk only about the issues they care about, and have scripted but vague answers for. They simply don't care about The People anymore. They trick you into voting for them, then they pursue their own agendas.

To plant a question is like faking comments at your own blog. You could easily cloak your identity and post hundreds of flattering, praising, worshipful comments on every post you publish. All you sacrifice is your integrity as you expose your approval addiction and delusional lifestyle.

We are lied to as they march us off to war.

We are lied to so they can win elections.

Politicians say whatever their advisors tell them they need to say to get elected. Once they're in office, they do what the lobbyists and globalists tell them to do.

What kind of democracy are our children in uniform dying for?


Anonymous said...

Interesting--you cloak your real self and write flattering and worshipful imagined things about yourself all the time.

steven edward streight said...

I never cloak myself, I always say I am Vaspers the Grate aka Steven E. Streight and I'm transparent.

You either love Politics As Usual or you resent opinions that are different from your own.

Sorry you are so confused.