Wednesday, November 07, 2007

large corporation vulnerability in social media

Good news for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers!

Today, in my BizReport newsletter, a gem greeted my weary, war-torn eyes: "Social media unworthy of budget?"

A recent study by Coremetrics reveals that corporations are still frightened of, and negligent of, what they mistakenly refer to as the Uncharted Social Media Marketing realm. Thus, there is a huge gaping voidy hole of competitive vulnerability in these clueless, gutless organizations, who feel compelled to sit on their hands until a hallowed "ROI Analysis" permits them to act.

My reply, a comment posted on Coremetrics "Survey Reveals Disconnect in Social Media Marketing Programs":

The Great God ROI is appeased by accounting processes, and angered by visionary leadership that senses in a gut feeling that something, like new carpet, business cards, and social media experimentation, are worthy activities.

"The Face of the New Marketer" looks like one of worry, cowardice, and unimaginative mediocrity.

Outsourcing to China, and getting defective or toxic products with their brand on them, that's okay. But boldly researching, and implementing new methods and new media, that's to be avoided?

When so many companies and individuals are forging ahead, making mistakes, looking foolish, recovering and recalibrating, finally "going viral", reaping astonishing rewards, and making headlines in all the business publications and ecommerce newsletters?

The new media, YouTube, blogs, Twitter, Jaiku, Digg, Kyte.TV, are not mysterious, murky, unanalyzed paths. At least Ron Paul, who used New Media, the Internet, to raise $5 million in 24 hours, doesn't fear such tools, nor consider them dangerously "uncharted".

[Added note: Ron Paul is using the New Media to make political fundraising history. Right now. Mr. Conservative Risk-O-Phobic Businessman: What are you, and your company, doing with it? Is Ron Paul a lot smarter than your average multi-national conglomerate CEO?]

I'm using New Media to promote this survey for you. Cost = zero. Time invested = 10 minutes.

I have also Twittered a link to this page, providing valuable content for my 524 Followers, most of whom are PR, Marketing, and Social Media specialists and pioneer bloggers.

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Sam Freedom said...

ROI, what a joke. That's what a good brainwashing in ACADEMIA will get a person. There's a new breed of marketer online who can quickly, instinctively size up ROI so that it's felt in their bones.

So yeah, we do ROI too but they're land-based creatures and we're wing-based... so they appear to be moving in slow motion. ;-)

Btw, nice to now be linked both ways on Twitter. Come check my data mining articles on it if you have a moment.


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Kyte myself and i like your channel vaspers. Keep it up

steven edward streight said...

Funny how they don't do ROI on business cards, bloated CEO compensation packages, executive resort retreats, new carpet, etc.

Make the logo bigger said...

Leave it to Crispin Glover of all people to have a grasp on the concept of ROI in Hollywood that parallels fearful brands. He knows he has to to do x amount of mainstream movies to afford his pet projects that nobody would touch, let alone fund.

Furthermore: Hollywood wants 'answers.' They don't want questions in the form of unproven films that they have no clue on how well they will do.

They want what's worked and what they know will work again, and this for them determines what pics they will take a 'chance' on vs. take a pass on.

As for the internets and ROI, one recent thing I heard a major brand say shows just how far they still have to come:

“Yeah, we need to be on the blogosphere.”