Thursday, November 15, 2007

How to Write a Blog Design Proposal

When we write up a blog design proposal, we incorporate at least 14 different elements that comprise the total blog package presented to the client.

The deliverables of the project will be a fully functional blog solution that includes a blog site, internet domain, optional hosting, and unlimited branded e-mail addresses.

More specifically, a typical blog proposal includes:

1. Blog design for [client and/or blog title] that includes search engine friendly title tags and coding, plus a custom header graphic, incorporating images and style considerations as contributed by client.

2. Email subscription and RSS feeds enabled.

3. Comments, with moderation and email notification, enabled.

4. Sample posts (3) as a guide to effective blog writing style, if desired. Ghost blogging is not advised or provided. Guidance in team blogging, guest blogging, and delegated blogging can be provided.

5. Register blog at Technorati, plus people search (e.g. Spock and Gleamd) and other blog indexing services, as appropriate.

6. Implement Google Analytics, Site Meter, and Easy Web Stats web analytic tools.

7. Optional specialized sidebar widgets as desired, in keeping with an evolving blog, progressively addressing known or suspected user needs and interests.

8. Announce and link to blog at Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Facebook, and other viral micro-blogging communities.

9. Incorporation of blog monetization widgets, like Google ads, Amazon affiliate links, and Library Thing, as desired. Alternate business models may be implemented, in place of blog monetizations.

10. Training in blog maintenance, enhancement, promotion, marketing, monetization, audience interaction, hyper-linking, social networking, and multi-media strategies.

11. Networking with bloggers in related fields, to include them on blogroll, to announce and publicize blog, and to begin participation in, and relevant, enriching contributions to, such blogs. Links to 10 to 25 relevant blogs will be provided as recommended blogroll.

12. Continual guidance, as appropriate or needed, in emerging blog related issues, such as: online reputation management, blogocombat, site evolution, blog usability and credibility, search engine ranking techniques, micro-blogging and video SEO techniques, and social media marketing opportunities.

13. Transfer blog to pre-purchased domain, or buy a relevant domain name for client (billed separately, as domain name costs can vary widely).

14. Training in, and updates regarding, blogospheric culture, netiquette, business models, and social trends.


Chris Cree said...

Vaspers, that's a good list of thing to include in a blog proposal. I appreciate you sharing it.

Do generally write up unique sample posts for each client? Or do you point them to some standard samples?

steven edward streight said...

I will offer to write a few posts as examples of how to do a blog post. They are unique writings, not generic samples.