Monday, November 26, 2007

future web is here to stay and coming soon

Which type of web content do you want: Push or Pull?

Push is the old skool form of sales bullies and ad agencies pushing, shoving down your passive obedient throat, the messages and moods They want you to submit to, and then go buy Their product.

Increasingly, this "shut up and consume our propaganda" style of corporate communication is costing more and achieving less. We don't consume products anymore. We produce, share, distribute, publicize, promote, and service our own "we media" content, and enjoy the work of others, bypassing merchants and their pesky Intrusion Marketing BS.

We don't want any content pushed at us.

We are learning how to pull it, via RSS, social bookmarking, tags, and other methods.

We can pull exactly the content we want, when we want it, where we want, how frequently we want it, and in whatever format we want it.

I call this Universal Content Utopia.

In an SEO Researcher post on "The Future of the Web", this is called a Paradigm Shift.

Other evolving realities on the web are mentioned:

* Portable content and website accessibility from various devices and sizes.

Why not be able to check Paris Hilton's MySpace page while grabbing another piece of pie, which you feel entitled to, from the fridge? In the future, you'll do just that! And you'll continue to look less and less like Paris as you do it!

Ubiquitous Computing, with web and desktop interfaces all over the place, will soon be invading all your private haunts and personal oasis refuges! You will not be able to escape from online messages and activities!

* User-customizable web pages.

You see what you want on the site, you configure it a certain way that suits your personal interests. No more distractions. If you're on Barnes and Noble website, and all you care about is business books, or techno music CDs, why should you be troubled with other junk?

Of course, this means corporations will be losing more control of their "message". Their web content and presentation will be hijacked by every web browser of every user who arrives at their website.

* Voice interfaces.

If you like to talk and blabber out loud, you'll love this. You tell the web site what you want, and it tells you where to shove it, or it says "Yes sir or madam, coming right up!" Feeling lonely? Start a real, audible conversation with some website opposed to your political beliefs. Yeah, buddy!

* Smellable websites "using XHTML 2.5 markup to drive pheromone and fragrance simulation emitters" on your computing device.

I can't wait to do usability analysis on such olfactorial websites. "Sir, your website doesn't smell right. Your customers expect your auto dealership to smell like a vehicle fresh from the factory. Ramp up that funky new car odor, man!"

* More video, on ecommerce sites especially.

Now you can watch executives talk about why their quality, service, and prices are better than anybody else in the whole world!

* Search engines as content treasuries.

Why struggle through a strange website, trying to avoid all its ads and hype, when the search engine you're familiar with has cached the information you seek?

* Humanized interface.

Think of the blogocombat fun you'll have, arguing endlessly with a virtual digital assistant bot, who can't understand why anybody would want the content you're belligerantly demanding.

* Better, more relevant and useful content.

Imagine a world free of spam, junk mail, telemarketers, con artists, and online predators! Well, if the web increases in quality, that perfect dream world will be a bit closer. The web will become so useful and uncluttered, you'll find everything relevant, easy to understand, beautifully presented, and fascinating! They're working on it! For you!

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