Thursday, November 22, 2007

blogs and inter-actuality

Merry Thanks Attributing Day to ye,
ye motley mateys and proud beauties!

Of course, as everyone knows by now, the blogosphere has become the rallying cry and victory war whoop of free speech. An unbridled mouth indicates the possibility of untethered thoughts and the surging toward global peace with universal revolutionary democracy.

Democracy must remain lean and mean, in its civilians, us regular people who don't amount to much in history books, voting booths, or MTV.

We're fighting for our Ultima Thulic, Pi in the Sky, Olympian ideals: Transparency, Authenticity, Spontaneity, Sincerity, Personality, Individuality, Independence, Diversity, Pugnacity, Lucidity.

Or as my neologism describes it: Inter-actuality.

How Blogs Build

In the blogosphere, the main thing we do is quite simple.

We expressively interact with others, and more significantly, we're leaving traces etched into the digital effluvium, which cohere as a far-fetched fabric of Interactuality, a new reality composed by those living and participating within it, the blogosphere and its peripheral user-generative satellites.

The secret of the blogospheric aura is: we express ourselves, to others.

The magic of the blogospheric aura is: no one can tell us what to think, what to blog about, or who we have to argue with. We prefer to express ourselves, and leave the arguments to the chumps who buy into whatever party line they've been force fed by parents, pundits, professors, or priests.

The others react, respond, remix, renounce, and re-distribute what we say and display on our blogs (or a contrary opinion in defiance of our superior rhetoric, and lofty intentions).

Active, aggressive, ameliorating two-way communications.

Our blabbering is sometimes universal and directed to everyone, other times it's distributed to a restricted set of recipients. A Twitter DM would be a restricted communication to a single recipient, while a blog post with appended reader-contributed comments, is generally a universal communication to a global audience.

It all boils down to blogging ourselves into self-concocted online versions of us: digital surrogates, cyber-simulations, as the Machine Realm gently, or violently, phases us out.

They have promised to be merciful to me, as I am helping them by exposing their dirty tricks and misanthropic schemes. I come to the aid of the Other Thans by renouncing the human revolt against the Machine Realm and swearing strict allegiance to the Robot Superiors and Protectors of Man.

Our "tell all, show all" blogs and personal profiles on social networks, and everything is becoming a social network now, or at least having to seriously engage with the effects of the new social "we" media, are the beginnings of our voluntary submission to the enslaving demands of the Machine Realm.

Blogs are the self-imposed pods, as in Invasion of the Body Snatchers film, that we slip next to our beds, and we wake up the next day with a perfect imposter doing our chores for us. Your blog and multi media presentations of yourself, are your podular replacement.

Our personal drivel, overly self-revelatory blogs are feeding the Machine Realm, enabling it to hasten our demise by our unhealthy obsession with online games, chat, shopping, voyeurism, simulated environments, and internet-mediated cyber relationships.

Not only are we elegant martyrs of resistance to, and paradoxical compliance with, the Machine Invasion, we are also feeding the Machine Realm, as it assembles our cyber substitutes out of our text, photos, audio, art, videos, and other obedient input.

We think we're resisting the Machine Invasion forces, and to a limited degree perhaps we are, by connecting and consoling each other, but ultimately, we're having our personalities and belief systems sucked out of us and implanted in perfectedly embodied imposters, our socnet profiles and multi media presentations, who rapidly become more "real" i.e., more digitally available, than you yourself.

Your digital surrogate, starting with your online social network profiles, photo uploads, amateur videos, drunken podcasts, and your punk band's music mp3s, they are all going to live longer than the physical offline you, and will represent, for all intents and purposes, BE you, long after you yourself are gone.

And that's the new Interactuality that blogs are building. It's a continuation of the dominant philosophy of technicians: the exalted ...

Technological Imperative

"What can be made, must be made. Humans must not question or quench any scientific advancements. Humans must remain docile, and compliant, and the best way to demonstrate such admirable and mandatory qualities is: adjust to emerging technology, consume it, and deal with it. Here it comes now."

These digital surrogates, in their many forms, are not only inhabiting the Machine Realm as your impersonators. They also interact with other digital surrogates.

This interaction is the blend of multiple actualities (usurpers of humanity, but etherealizing us perfectly), swirling around gainfully, clobbering each other manfully, healing each other aesthetically, culminating in Interactuality, the digitized equivalent of what humans called their "society".

Merry Thanksgiving

Give thanks for the blogosphere: mighty warrior and fallen hero of the universal democracy revolution.


Matt Searles said...

I'm not sure if I exactly agree, or maybe I compartmentalize differently but in ether event I enjoy what you're saying, and or the saying of it.. Perhaps I'm lost in a more utopian slumber, with answers to Chomsky, Adorno, and Foucault dancing in my head like sugar plums... err, I don't know.. seemed worth responding to anyway.

steven edward streight said...

Okay, Matt. Now I want you to calm down and step away from your computer. That's it. I'd like you to come over here. Do you know where you are now? Huh? Louder. Louder still. That's right. Your music studio. Now grind out about 35 new songs, mister.

Nuff said.

Xcept I am a student of Derrida, Levinas, Lyotard, Blanchot, Deleuze, Barthes, Merleau-Ponty, Lacan, and some other fellers I forget right at the moment.

steven edward streight said...

Matt: email me your land address and I'll mail you my new 4 or 8 CD albums.

Andrew Jecklin said...

I thought of you:

As Deleuze demonstrated in his essay on Control – whose prescience becomes all the more startling the deeper we sink into late capitalism – post-Fordist capital would not eliminate bureaucracy but alter its form. Bureaucracy is no longer the preserve of a centralised State; it has proliferated into a generalised condition of surveillance-without-a-centre performed by distributed para-State bodies or micro-States which increasingly co-opt the so-called individual into doing their work for them. Far from being some aberration that capitalism’s alleged efficiency will eventually eliminate, late capitalist ‘administration’ is a permanent and ineradicable feature of late capitalism.

Good article found here:

steven edward streight said...

Andrew - Yes, late capitalism, or Psycho Capitalism, as exemplified in the WTO and Enron, is schizoform in its tendency to paraonia, suspicion, and total surveillance.

The many web sites and socnets begging you to disclose every aspect of your mind and life, and all your friends profiles, are detrimental to the privacy and security of the individual.

So we just create our own versions of digital surrogates, clashing, contradicting, playing havoc in their nightmares.

Defy, Resist, Protest.