Monday, November 05, 2007

8 benefits of Twitter microblogging

Twitter is a popular microblogging, status update, asynchronous chat, link archiving, social networking tool. Here are 8 powerful benefits to joining and participating in Twitter.

(1) Gain marketable skill of pithy, brief, clear, condensed communication. Learn how to say more with fewer words.

(2) Become more humble and less self-impressed, as you realize that on Twitter there is no A List or blog celebrity. You just another avatar, like everybody else. Messages are valued by intrinsic worth and relevance, not the stardom of the originator.

(3) Obtain invites to exciting new web tools and networking platforms.

(4) Discover new blogging voices as they promote links to their latest posts.

(5) Drive traffic to your own blog posts and client sites by tweeting links to them (don't do this exclusively, primarily, or over-frequently, or you'll be Unfollowed as a spammer or exploiter).

(6) Acquire skill in quick, short interactions with other members via tweets, replies, and DMs.

(7) Get relatively immediate reactions to links, insights, complaints, questions contained in your messages and DMs.

(8) Receive news about tech conferences, meetups, podcamps, presentations, live streaming shows, and other relevant events.

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