Saturday, September 01, 2007

stalker trolls in lifecasting chat

Perverts love the internet, and their most recent rompings cluster around the slow-called "Lifecasting" of naive pretties. Not naughty cams, but just webcasting the absurdly trivial pulsing of their lives.

These live, unedited video feeds, from "hot" young ladies, attract dangerous, possibly homicidal, stalker trolls.

Stalker Trolls are perverts who seek to kidnap, rape, torture, and kill the easy prey of [preferably single and alone-living] female lifecasters.

They visit the chat rooms that are available next to the live video feed panel. This chat room is the vehicle that enables visitors to her channel to interact with her.

Some immature dorks will type in such phrases as "take your shirt off" or "tit squeeze", but what seem to be more sedate and refined chat users may have extremely sinister intentions. Female lifecasters must Kick and Ban them, or have mods (moderators) with that power, or, in the extreme case, allies who enter chat and bash the living crap out of all trolls.

These Stalker Trolls are'nt usually targets of bashing. They try to sneak under the mod radar. They're very polite, not flamers.

They ease up to the vulnerable, hopefully drunk or tipsy victim, and pry personal info from her. Her email address is easily obtained by promising to send her photos or music mp3s. Her physical address is quickly obtained by promising to send her a better webcam, or some other item the victim said she needed.

"Where is your husband?" they ask eventually, or swiftly, in a sweet and considerate, sympathetic manner, especially bold when they've seen her children on camera, and know their names.

"Because," they politely continue, "I know it's tough to raise kids without a man around..." all to pry this intimate knowledge from the unsuspecting, and fluidly confessing victim.

"Where do you live?" they ask after they determine the ex-Marine ex-husband, or child's father, is safely distant and out of the picture.

They want the woman, or the child, or both.

Stalker Trolls are shocked when confronted, they proclaim their brotherly intentions, their honorable ideals and dignified goals in merely wishing to be someone she could tell her story to, and maybe derive some mysterious therapeutic benefit from these stranger danger confession gushings.

But they intend to do great harm, abduction, and perhaps child molesting, rape, murder.

Lifecasting Chat Mods must bear this in mind, and Kick and Ban, or bash in a hateful and vicious manner, all such predators.

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carrie said...

you're very creative and persistent.