Friday, September 21, 2007

7 rules of social media

"Universal Social Media Manifesto & Constitution", more commonly known as the unquestionable

"7 rules of social media"

#1 - All social media participants are created equal, with no A List members, and no special exemptions or considerations, not even for famous marketing authors or PR pundits.

#2 - Thou shalt nurture, protect, and preserve thy social media community, keeping it polite, or at least not too brutal or mind-boggling for newbs!

#3 - Thou shalt respect others and their contrary opinions, not self-promote exclusively, nor exploit, game, troll, be sadistic, or predatory.

#4 - Thou shalt not spam a social media community with commercial messages or pseudo-testimonial PayPerPost incentivized P2P recommendations or bashings.

#5 - All thy base-input are belong to us, the online community, to react to in whatever manner we please, for thou art contributing content to a web service provider and that is how you "pay" for your membership.

#6 - Thou shalt not allow thyself to feel anything from pixels and typed text, neither hope nor fear, neither anger nor dismay, and, armed with this sterling valor, shalt defend the community against all attack vectors, exposing and bashing frauds, abusers, and disruptors who care nothing for the goals, methods, and sensitivities of the members.

#7 - Thou shalt explain and evangelize the community in online and offline venues, crushing detractors, opposing mockers, and capturing the hearts of sincere souls unsoiled by the taints of brazen contradictors.

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