Monday, July 02, 2007

Web 2.0 whistles and bells

At, we're now offering some new products that go far beyond a conventional web site. Web 1.0 was mainly sites you looked at or bought things from. Web 2.0 is evolving as highly interactive, multi-media, user participation and collaboration zones.

Web 2.0 means you can add comments to online articles. Watch video clips. Listen to and download music mp3s. Build your own social network for personal or professional purposes. Show your product in action, solving a customer problem.

We are implementing such tools as Twitter micro-blogging, Pownce social filesharing, Ning personal portals, GarageBand mp3 hosting, Jaiku presencing streams, Spock people search, Freebase database driven metaweb, Swicki custom search engines, Pollhost online polls, Flickr photo sharing, Arts Cad art galleries, Tumblr video archiving, social bookmarking, Conduit custom toolbars, and much more.

The buzz is moving. From static web sites to user input zones. From single channel blogs to multi-node socnet hubs and personal presencing stream, status update, file sharing systems.

You don't have to understand all the buzz words or the underlying technology. We'll handle the technical configurations. Our new products will keep you at the tip of the innovation spear.

Evolve your online marketing platforms and take advantage of powerful new promotion and communication tools. Preside over the future with paradigm busting emerging technology!

Your customers want you to lead the way, and let them play with, or conduct business via, these emerging tools. And now it's easy.

Our Web 2.0 Whistles and Bells package offers:

* blogs

* custom toolbars

* custom search engines

* status update/presencing streams

* RSS feeds (automatic site content update distribution)

* chat channels

* Flash animations

* PayPal fund-raising widgets

* social network buzz

* YouTube viral video ads

* audio podcast programs

* email permission marketing newsletters

* music mp3 player embeds

* video player embeds

...and much more.

Advanced online marketing tools are out there, and we know how to use them to boost sales and buzz for your company and products. Why miss all these new opportunities to position yourself as an expert, and your product as the solution?

In upcoming posts here, we'll explain how clients and competitors are using these Web 2.0 tools, and believe me, they can be extremely powerful in accomplishing your marketing strategy and sales goals.

Stay ahead of the online marketing curve.

It's affordable and implementation is quick and easy.

Let's get you "Web 2.0 Compliant" today!

Your customers are sure to be impressed. You might even generate some mainstream media attention. New customers are waiting for you to serve them. Let's start rounding them up. In droves.

Bottom Line Marching Orders: It's not what YOU want, it's what YOUR CUSTOMERS want. You don't have to figure it all out. We've done that for you.


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Roberta said...

Web 2.0 won't work on my Tandy because it has been blessed by Jesis. I am VERY against Web 2.0 since I don't believe in evolution. Please repent or explain yourself!

Roberta Shugs