Sunday, July 15, 2007

Web 2.0 pep and gusto

I have noticed that many conventional bloggers are experiencing a lack of pep and gusto in adapting to micro-blogging, socnets, VoIP, videocasting, blog widgetizing, personal channel aggregation portals, multi-media presencing streams, and other mandatory elements of the New Super Blogging.

Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, Liz Straus, Carrie Snell, Hugh McLeod of Gaping Void, Chris Brogan, and a few other early bloggers have evolved with the morphological energy of the blog-nebula, but most have not.

Some early computing pioneers are hostile to these promising developments.

A long-time friend, who's an audio file expert and heavily into internet radio, is angry with me.

He's upset with how much time I put into socnets and Web 2.0 tools, when I seem to be sluggish about fixing something on my computer that will permit me to listen live to his radio station online. He claims all that "nonsense" is worthless unless it can generate immediate cash for him now.

Can anything generate immediate cash?

I mean, even a paycheck, you have to wait for it, right?

You must realize that I do make money, directly and circumventually, from participating in socnets, database metawebs, blogs, videocasting, VoIP chats, and other Web 2.0 experiments.

I explore, experiment, and expand.

My web presence is scattered and focused and reaching a certain niche ubiquity.

I can prove these tools work.

I am using them for myself, my music, my employer, and my clients.

Nobody's complaining, and some of us are doing quite handsomely.

You need to build profiles on as many relevant and/or high popularity socnets, VSEs, people search sites, metawebs, tool communities, file sharing systems, online reputation machines, and personal portals as possible.

The profiles and activities increase your SERP domination.

Your audience, in other words, are not just the community members, but also the SE spiders.

More later, as your pal Vaspers explains, exposes, and expedites the Future Web and how to succeed, rather than suffer, in it.

Say yes to Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Ning, GarageBand, Spock, 8apps, Zaadz, Gleamd, Wink, flickr, folkd, Mahalo, web without end, amen.


Jecklin said...

You're on zaadz? I didn't know that. I am secretly on zaadz.

Siona said...

Me too.

(No secret there, though. ;)

~C4Chaos said...

hehe. thanks for being on Zaadz. secret, or not ;)


Jecklin said...

zaadzster undercover was bit of a joke...c4chaos is an interesting cat to read.

Of all the socnets, Vaspers, Zaadz is best at being local--for business, social, community etc purposes...

unless you know of one better.

Zaadz is a thoughtful, lovely place.

Vaspers, you are lovely, too. Goes without saying you're thoughtful.

steven edward streight said...

I like Zaadz. I found out about it at Carrie Snell's newly password protected blog, a ***clickable link badge*** in her sidebar.

Am now looking for a DIY Socnet Software for my alpha phase Venim: the socnet your enemies fear.

All blogocombat. All the time.

Great theme for a socnet, hey?