Monday, July 09, 2007

Web 2.0 experiment is seeking a charity, non-profit, not for profit, or community service organization.

We want to provide the organization with FREE online marketing tools, no strings attached. What we want to test is the power of strategically deployed Web 2.0 tools like socnets (social networking sites) and multimedia applications like video and audio podcasts.

We will custom design a blog for the organization, with RSS feeds, links to organization's main website, Technorati tracker, online visitor counter, Google Analytics, tags, comments-enabled, Swicki custom search engine, PayPal online donation button, and other blog widgets.

We may also implement such tools as Twitter and Pownce micro-blogging and file-sharing systems, social bookmarking, Spock people search and Freebase metaweb profiles, webcam interviews and presentations, upload the videos to YouTube, produce live streaming video on UstreamTV or BlogTV, and much more.

If you know of any group that is struggling with getting media attention, funds, or volunteers, please post a comment, email, or phone.


(309) 682-4678

Thanks a lot!

[photo above by Scott M. Liddell]

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jdw23 said...

Now THIS is rather interesting...and sorta ties into that OTHER thing I wanted to talk to you about at lunch next Wednesday....