Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Super Bloggers: multi micro

New Blogosphere of Multi-media Micro-blogging

Many discussions revolve around what blog platform is best. But the real issue is how all the platforms are growing and improving. Some might say: fracturing and expanding.

I've used Blogger, the free hosting, since May 2004 and find it satisfying. I have tried WordPress, Opera Community, Vox, Blog-City, and some others, but prefer Blogger.

What we need to do now, though, is get into multimedia and microblogging.

Plain text blogging is dwindling. Blog visitors now expect you to have more than just words to read. They like hearing brief podcast messages or shows, and watching video clips on your site or by linking to upload sites like YouTube.

I've had some podcast messages and welcome videos here, and am now working on some new, updated versions. They'll appear in my sidebar soon.

The micro-blogging or tiny journaling phenoomenon is the Next Big Thing after multimedia blogging.

Micro-blogging as provided by Pownce, Twitter, and Jaiku represents the new wave in Blog Evolution.

It force bloggers to be brief, to the point, for mobile viewing. Pownce even lets you attach mp3 players and download links to a message, and other files, like jpegs.

Twittering your blog posts can drive traffic to them and you can also partake in the fast, furious world of Beta Invite Sharing.

Many insights, links, and files are being abundantly shared in such communities, to the point that I spend more time in them, and very little time in conventional blogs. Most of us cannot bother much with email anymore, like in Japan.

I strongly urge all bloggers to do both conventional and micro-blogging. Try the 140 character limit per message. It's good to learn brevity in communication. Most bloggers tend to be prolix, going on and on about a topic. In micro-blogging, you have the opportunity to learn from others how to condense and idea or question.

I've been thrilled to see myself trim a profound insight or shrink a raging complaint. Power-packed brevity is useful in many applications, like: taglines, email subject lines, blog post titles, and forum topic titles. Thus, micro-blogging is a marketable skill, especially if you've used it to promote various products or sites.

New Super Bloggers--we are changing.

We're widgetizing our blogs, to provide more functions for users. We're turning into television stations mixed with message boards and music. We're experimenting with new tools and online communities. We are not stagnating.

We're also contributing to the new Database-driven Semantic MetaWeb, building profiles, portfolios, and personal portals in every socnet site we can get our hands on.

It's the New Super Bloggers who are constructing and inhabiting the new Web 2.0 world, and it's more fun, challenging, and rewarding than the old Web 1.0 world.


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