Sunday, July 08, 2007

music marketing via mp3s

Some music marketing pundits long for the old days, when only a few bands made it nationally, and the record labels grew prosperous off the hard working backs of performers and recording artists.

Micro-payments and royalties and property rights--what a mess of misunderstandings!

It's not about Getting Paid. It's about Getting Known, Getting Craved, Getting Buzz, Getting Out of Obscurity. If you become something the public, or a niche cult, wants, you'll get paid.

Matthew Ebel "Long live the RIAA"

My comment:

  1. vaspers the grate aka steven e. streight Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have been a performing and recording artist for many years, and this whining about “not getting paid” is annoying.

    It’s not about “getting paid”. If you need payment, there are abundant opportunities. But most music bands should focus on Getting Known.

    There is too much music. It is too available. Thus, consumers need guidance. How can a music fan decide which unknown band to investigate, perhaps buy music from? Not by looking at a MySpace mess or reading user reviews in Amazon. You see extreme praise and extreme loathing.

    You must hear. To go beyond just letting consumers hear your music, you need to let them download it. FREE. Let them download maybe 30 or 40 songs, for FREE. Why? Because then you have a wide variety of material out there, and somebody sometime might like a few things.

    By providing free mp3s in abundance, your music could catch fire and go viral. Be a meme. A smash hit on the internet. Then your payday shall arrive with huge bundles of cash.

    But to quibble about 20 cent royalty on each song each time somebody plays it? Taxing internet radio, like DRM? All counter-promotional nonsense.

    My free mp3s are, among many other places, here:

Music marketing is changing. The old ways no longer work, especially for unknown bands. There is too much music. Consumers are impatient and lacking guidance. The best shopping guide for music is the free sampler. I'm talking: making 30 or 40 songs available for free download.

If people like your music, then they'll burn your mp3s to a CD. Maybe that CD will be the soundtrack for a road trip, or a portion of the ambience of a loft party. Your mp3s are your best salesmen. Set your salesmen on fire: send out as many free mp3s as possible.

The more online venues showcasing your mp3s, the greater chances are that you'll be discovered. Get a lucky break. Have hit record. Compose a science fiction film soundtrack. Gain podcast clients who want show music ambience and opening themes.

A true musical artist will have infinite creativity. So "property protection" is a very low priority. Rather than restraining and limiting the audience for your music, you need to get it out there.

Expose it to hate and love and indifference. You have nothing to fear but success. For success leads to fortune which leads to dissipation, and eventual ruin. Before your wealth destroys your love and health, spend some time getting your music to speed past the state of obscurity.

Launch those mp3s!

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