Saturday, June 30, 2007

Twitter attention span

I have a Twitter attention span.

I expect speech utterances, blog posts, chat entries, forum remarks, telephone messages, and all other communications to be 140 characters or less, with occasional content strings of 280 or 420 characters.

We sputter now. We don't go on and on like a traditional blog post. We barely have the space, within our textual confinement, to be myopic or misanthropic. We have to stifle the narcissism, and get right to the point.

Perhaps this reality is what inspired my recent comment at TechCrunch "Everyone's Gunning for YouTube".

YouTube is said to be threatened by Joost and other longer duration video and television over the internet pipes and protocols. I doubt it. At least for my creatively fractured mentality.

Here's the comment I posted at TechCrunch:

  1. vaspers the grate

    I don’t really have the focus pocus to sit through the temporal drudgery of a “full-length” film.

    God, that’s so 1950, “feature” film, motion picture, “movie”, isn’t it?

    I mean, we New Super Bloggers have ramped up our content streaming and have chiseled down our thought bequeathings to brilliant spurts, pure bursts, like on Jaiku and Twitter.

    We’ll stare passively at “movies”, okay maybe a good story, but we prefer it last less than 1 minute, if possible, or for a really great deconstructive narrative sensorium, possible as long as 5 minutes max.

    So the Joost installer, after I downloaded it a month ago, don’t and won’t work, but I guess I should try again. But I sit at the computer so long, as an ESCAPE FROM TELEVISION!!!!

Non-inclusive conclusion: have you seen my latest YouTube video, posted today? It's called "the amazing uPhone, u not i" and it's less than 2 minutes.

Go watch it, if you want.

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Jeck said...

Huh, you're wife on board with this?