Friday, June 22, 2007

links for new bloggers

Several clients have recently expressed great interest in starting a blog.

They suddenly either feel they "need" a blog for business purposes, or they have a sincere, genuine zeal for expressing some ideas and opinions.

What links would you provide to a client who knows he "should" blog, or is excited about blogging about personal expertise and interests?

If both types of bloggers could merge a bit, the reluctant dutiful blogger catch some zeal from the wild-eyed visionary blogger, who in turn becomes a bit more pragmatic about marketing and economic opportunities, I could really have fun.

Here's my tossed together compendium of links I feel will educate, amuse, and inspire a New Blogger. It's mostly blogs, but a few interesting web sites are included as well.

Like: Visual Search Shopping

Cluetrain Manifesto

Forrester Research

NewsForge: online newspaper for Linux & Open Source

The Blog Herald: bloggers online newspaper

Dave Winer’s Scripting News

Doc Searls

World’s Dullest Blog


Communication Overtones


Ad Rants

Crossroads Dispatches

Lipsticking: Marketing to Women

Blog Write for CEOs

Jason Calacanis

Boing Boing

Ubu Web

Edelman Global PR blog

Tom Peters

Origin of Brands

Art Forum

Ada Web


CK's Blog

Successful Blog


A second list, the sequel is coming soon...

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