Saturday, May 05, 2007

worst thing about online social media

The worst thing about online social media?

Twitter Curve: Kathy Sierra, Creating Passionate Users blog:

Aside from malicious predatory libelous trolls, who cruise such sites to stir up trouble, the worst thing is cowardly members, people who dislike aggressive confrontation of evil.

La La Landers who want all communications, messages, posts, tweets, etc. to be "nice" and "happy" and "soft spoken". But it's these kinds of people who are responsible for all the trouble and evil in the world.

"All evil needs to succeed, is for good people to do nothing."

I quote that a lot. Because it is a clear statement about how good people allow evil to flourish. Ever thought deeply and seriously about that?

The web is a test field, an experimental arena.

Are you bold enough to express your honest opinions and sincere feelings? Or do you hold back, try to be nice and non-confrontational? Why are you so scared? Why do you let braver people do the heavy lifting of rocks to discover the worms and slime who hide beneath them?

I hate reading Twitter messages and blog posts that are 100% myopic, narcissistic, self-obsessed. Self-expression is a very low value. If all we express is Self, we are on the unspiritual, uncivilized path of spoiled, pampered blabbering.

Actually, I don't enjoy being angry or confrontational. In fact, I kind of hate it. My heart beats faster, my mouth contains words I normally avoid, and my head hurts. Maybe some people, like trolls, love being mean-spirited and antagonistic.

I'm not a rude or sadistic person.

I like serenity and gentleness. I'm a pacifist. I believe all physical warfare is generally wrong and misguided. I'm typically very quiet, mild, and measured. But when something purely evil and absurd occurs, I often react aggressively.

If everyone, every good person, would just Do Something about the evil in this world, there would be less for me to be upset about. But no. Most of us just sit around and contribute nothing to the betterment of the world.

I include myself. What do I do to change the world? Angry blog posts and harsh Twitter messages are just one tiny step toward change. So I enlighten a few people here and there. Perhaps a ripple effect occurs and aggressive postings have long-range consequences.

But I hope I can inspire some of you to be more hateful toward what is evil: online predators, war, racism, arrogance, pomposity, exploitation, greed, torture, lies, and abusive shock jocking of Imus, Rosie, Limbaugh, and Stern.

When corporations, like WalMart, have to get hit with lawsuits before they recall toxic Commie China baby bibs, we must be hateful and forceful toward them, in any way possible.

If you don't hate anything, you must be so self-obsessed, it's ridiculous.

Please start flaming, boycotting, and protesting the jerkbags, so I can go back to being peaceful and dreamy again.


Your agitated pal, Vaspy.

This has been a public service announcement of the New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.


1389 said...

Vaspers, here's what we all have to ask ourselves:

How many of us can still manage to continue talking with people who disagree with us on some things? Are we willing to stay in contact, or do we get disgusted and shut the door as soon as it becomes clear that the other person's beliefs are firmly held?

You and I don't necessarily hate the same things. In fact, I'm not much of a hater, but there sure are some things I'm tired of.

I'm fed up to the ears with political correctness.

I'm tired of people constantly looking for "racism" and other modern-day sins when they aren't really there. That attitude serves only to create prejudices that weren't there in the first place.

And I'm especially tired of hearing so many false accusations, especially when it comes to heinous crimes. Such false accusations are used as excuses to perpetrate those same crimes against the ones who were falsely accused.

You say you hate Rush Limbaugh, but he has a point about one thing: he said that, with liberals, it's only the seriousness of the accusation that counts, not whether there was any truth to it. I've had it with the media trying, convicting, and condemning people before all (or any) of the facts are in.

I'm tired of going through the same old routine with people who disagree with something I said, and who then try to shut me up or shut me out because I upset their emotional applecart. Trouble is, they never even try to refute my facts and logic. I half expect to see people like that putting their fingers in their ears and singing childish tunes whenever they hear something they don't like.

What people who take that route are afraid of is this: they don't want to risk learning something that would make them feel obliged to trade in their entire world view and start over from square one. Their friends would hang them out to dry. That'd be the end of all their relationships, their career goals, and everything else they've based their lives on up to that point.

In so many words, you say you like plainspokenness - well, here it is!



jdw23 said...

thats my favorite fsa record. the POP one!