Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris is burning, MSM fans flames

Official Statement re:
Paris Hilton Jail Sentence

Paris is burning, and the Morbid Stream Media (MSM) is fanning the flames.

Paris is burning with fear & confusion, MSM celeb pundits gnash their teeth, bite & chew their fabricated spectre, the shameless she-idol now cast down.

In a hysterical malicious ritual, they dance merrily, mockingly, around the woman tied to the stake of fickle public opinion. Kicking her fallen spirit the instant they spotted its wounds, and saw that it was down, in the dirt of commonality, so gleefully they, the press and pundits, turn against the pampered arrogant she-monster they fashioned from the mud of their imagination.

In a twisted religious ceremony, the smiling empty heads with hair aflame, those wretched cursed creatures of the broadcast bloodbath, soar high above the wreckage, wildly waving their wands of wan debase-ment.

Such enlightened sentiment! from such superior lads and lassies!

The "famous for nothing" celebrity meets the "authority based on nothing" media.

Gloating over her fright and dismay, using her as a pincushion for their own self-loathing and inordinate ghoulish longings, the MSM attempts to whip up a frenzy of hate toward their darling in disarray.

Now we see the snake. Poised to strike, then retreat swiftly back into the bosom of the sanctimonious MSM.

Paris, the mis-fortunate heiress. Such persecution and imprisonment may only work to her advantage, for everyone sides with, but avoids being, a martyr. Involuntary martyrdom is superior to self-inflicted varieties, since the conscientiously masochistic factor is missing.

From glimmer to glamor, and back again, rotating in the wind.

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Kevin M. Keating said...

The MSM giveth, and the MSM taketh away what it/they hath giveneth.

Our sad world, where even celebrity can't be jailed with any dignity in the cutthroat hunt for ratings and scandal and pseudo-virtual-meta-atrocity. It's either all real, or all a video game, but I can't tell this second, because American Idol is consuming my soul.