Wednesday, May 09, 2007

music marketing web site tips

My first ad for my company, as we branch out and solicit local musicians and bands, to do web sites for them.

I feel a band site must include 8 to 20 free mp3s to download legally, 5 to 12 music videos, a photo gallery, song lyrics, news updates, releases page, contact page, about us page, and links to relevant sites (net labels, recording companies, web sites of other bands, blogs devoted to your style of music, online musician or fan magazines, etc.)

Music mp3s and videos should be listenable/viewable on site, as well as being downloadable.

Free generates Paid.

A new, unknown, obscure band has to work even harder at distributing free mp3s and news. Most band sites fail to accurately describe the type of music the band makes. Even a vague "we sound like Sonic Youth meets the Libertines via Merzbow", or "a blend of techno, ambient chill, and sci fi film soundtracks" is better than nothing.

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daniel said...

hi, steven, how are you?

I think a nice addition to your list of 'must haves' for smaller band sites is:

1. a way for fans to interact with you (whether this is a forum/blog/whatever doesn't matter)
2. ways for your fan-base to spread the message

the biggest 'advertising' vehicle a smaller band has got is its fanbase. nurturing and growing that /should/ be a 'no-brainer', yet most band sites out there just don't bother.