Sunday, May 27, 2007

messaging in multiple channels is mandatory

Check out my blog sidebar. See all the new online social networking community badges and widgets?

I now am participating, as time allows, in as many online communities as possible, the best of them at any rate.

The message here is: messaging in multiple channels is now, today, mandatory. There's no getting out of it. The younger web generations are usurping everything in their wake. We must awaken to its tide of extreme inevitability.

The blogosphere is antique.

The hot new tech is being revealed, promoted, reviewed, and discussed on Twitter, Jaiku, and the other socnets (social networks). Links are distributed, as are invites to alpha or beta versions of emerging technology and groups.

Join and experiment with as many social media communities, in your field, as possible.

I suggest you consider exploring the following network groups or web tool communities:

Web Magazine Share

I am forming an Alpha Beta Tester Squad, to help Web 2.0 companies, and to help you explore the hottest new technology communities, with advance invites from the best.

Email me if you wish to join my Alpha Beta Tester Squad.

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Peoria Pundit said...

I've added myself to Spock.