Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mahalo search engine from Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis unveiled his alpha Mahalo SE today. He announced it on Twitter, of course, that's where all the hot happening tech news is at.

What I like best is his policy of: NO scrape, spam, aggregator, adult (porn), hate speech, advertorial, ugly, or less than 1 year sites. I agree completely with Jason. I get annoyed when these kinds of unprofessional, opportunistic, or unauthoritative sites appear in search engine results.

I want to see items with dates, so I know how current a web page or blog post is. Mahalo also needs some widgets and clickable link badges.

Go to Mahalo (Hawaiian for "thank you", like wiki is Hawaiian for "quick", i.e. fast edits) and start entering search terms. If no SE results appear, enter your email address to be alerted when results are available.

For example, enter your name, web site title, aka, or neologism.

I track SEO effectiveness by putting "blogocombat" (sans quotes) in everything I sign up for, in blog posts, and in comments at other blogs. If you Google the word blogocombat, you'll see that I own this term.

Last I checked, the first 120 SE results were all blog posts or comments by me, as Steven E. Streight, Vaspers the Grate, Electrica (my WordPress alias), plus my profile pages on such tool communities as Widgetbox, Twitter, Jaiku, Odeo, Rollyo, and Mix Jet Set Show...with a few items by Robert Scoble.

This should show you how powerful these tools are for driving traffic to sites. Some poke fun at the large amount of trivial messages in Twitter and blogs...while we just merrily chug along, using them them to increase our authority, credibility, and sales.

That's one way to test SEO. Either invent a new word, or take one that few people are using very much, and make it your insignia, part of your tagline, or slogan.

Incorporate that word or phrase into everything you do online, but not spamdexing. Not seeding the word opportunistically. Just use it naturally, unaffectedly, but consistently. Use it as a tag whenever it's relevant.

Here is the section of the Mahalo FAQ that I dearly love and wholeheartedly endorse:


1. We will not link to:

1. ... spam sites.

2. ... non-spam sites that have deceptive, or overbearing, advertising. For example, we will not link to blogs that have nothing but ads above the fold, forcing you to scroll down to get to the content. This includes sites that are largely advertorial.

3. ... any sites that give the appearance of participating in phishing or any other type of malicious activity ("phishing" being the fraudulent acquisition of sensitive personal information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity).

4. ... sites that simply regurgitate information from other sites with or without giving credit where credit is due.

For example, if you have a blog that you use to simply aggregate your favorite posts about gadgets from other, more notable gadget blogs (such as Engadget or Gizmodo)—without adding substantial value and information via your blog—then we will always link directly to the source of the information rather than to your blog.

5. ... sites which scrape or re-purpose other people's content without permission.

Note: We are not able to police every site we link to, so we will make mistakes. If we're linking to a site which you feel is misappropriating your content please let us know by clicking the "Report" link on the search result page in question.

6. ... sites of unknown origin (i.e. we cannot establish who operates the site).

7. ... sites which have adult content or hate speech.

2. We will link to:

1. ... sites that are considered authorities in their field (i.e. Edmunds for autos, Engadget for consumer electronics, and the New York Times for news).

2. ... sites which create original, high-quality content on a consistent basis.

3. ... sites that have been operating for over one year. Sites under a year will be considered, but most will be placed in a "member-submitted" section at the bottom of the page until they hit the one-year mark.

4. ... sites that have clean layout, design, and a modest amount of advertising.


Hey Jason, your text editor has some funky crummy code in it, similar to Word documents. Had to paste your text into Edit HTML template, rather than Compose.

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