Friday, April 06, 2007

Twitter: compu-telepathy for New Super Bloggers

Twitter seemed supremely frivolous and worthless to me, at first. I am not a Lightning Adaptor of new technology. Generally, I have to be clobbered with hype, anti-hype, and intrusions into the blogging habits of my peers and allies.

I hate Twitter. No. I love Twitter, Technoratily. Erase that. I...I don't know. It has a strange seduction to it, this instant ability to post, to a select list of other Twitterers, a stray comment on your life at a given moment.

But which moment?

Which event or activity or thought or feeling should I mention?

The focus of Twitter is the first thing that got me. You have severely limited number of characters that can be posted in a single message. Some say that number is around 180. Pithy. You must be quick and to the point, using an economy of wordage.

Twitter: it's aspects of blog, email, chat, tagboard, newsletter, diary, and forum.

Another new way to communicate and interact online, but it's not really, not primarily let's say, a conversation. I think it's more a micro-journal, a blog within a blog.

You post about what you're doing, but that includes, as Robert Scoble does in a high frequency, links to sites of interest and special functionalities, discoveries, tips, recommendations, opinions, etc.

One blogger says that "Twitter is to blogging what the phone was to pony express." I think I agree.

Twitter feels intimate.

It seems cozy, safe, comfortable. You can easily and swiftly control who is in and who is out, and you can change your mind. So I invited a wide range of bloggers, even a few questionables, because I can delete a person from my network if they get out of hand.

I really like knowing what these blogger pals and even remote associates, what they're doing once in a while, throughout the day, and more importantly, what they've discovered on the internet.

See? We're back to Pure Original Blogging: the 1992 old skool blogging, intimate, semi-private, intense, spontaneous, short, pithy, gems, diamonds, shining from puter to puter, the brief, casual observation and obscure link.

Twitter is a new step beyond blogging.

Twitter is thought bullets.

Twitter is a must for the new breed of blogger I am helping to invent: the New Super Bloggers of Blogosphere 4.0

Twitter is another tool for computelepathy.

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