Friday, April 27, 2007

testing Linkbaiting Rules of Jason Calacanis

Go here right now: Link Baiting Rules by Jason Calacanis.

This is magnificent self-parody by gentleman blogger and blogospheric media network tycoon, Jason Calacanis.

Cluetrainless comments and exasperated sighs abound. "Wow. Massive Ego here"??? No, no, a thousand times "NO!"

This is Jason attacking, as he rightly attacked PayPerPost and blog whoring, incentivized buzz agenting, it's Jason attacking pomposity in the blogosphere, and I agree whole-headedly.

Sing it sister!

Also known as: Online Celebrity Stalking, his spurious system works!!!

I contact famous people online all the time, using Jason's sure-fire system, and it works 90% of the time. My favorite ploy is to post a comment in their blog. Email is filtered and fading as a hip communication tool, just ask your kids.

Twitter and blog comments. That's how all you trolls out there can plague me! Bring it on!

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