Thursday, April 05, 2007

Technorati WTF definition of blogocombat

Today I entered this definition of "blogocombat" into the Technorati (a global/personal blog tracking and statistics service) WTF (Where's The Fire: what's hot and why) category.

NOTE: I feel qualified to do this, since I am the undisputed Google King of Blogocombat, both the word and the practice thereof. Check it out yourself and see the proof.


Blogocombat refers to using blog posts or comments to aggressively debate an issue, belief, or opinion. In its best form, blogocombat is a serious, sincere, and sizzling form of online argument.

Blogocombat does NOT refer to trolling, flaming, baiting, vulgarity, or any form of personal abuse, or racist, sexist, religionist, or other hate speech.

Techniques of blogocombat include hammering home your point, being oblivious to vile attacks, using self-parody and mental judo, and other forms of intense, but civilized, discussion.

In blogocombat, the rule is to pit one idea against another idea, and never pitting one person against another person. In most pure blogocombat struggles, the debate opponents shake hands and admire each other's tenacity, dedication, and intelligence, even though they remain poles apart conceptually.

Good resources and inspirations for blogocombat may be found in the conceptual discussions and debates in philosophy (e.g., Jacque Derrida, Buddhist texts, the Bible).

Bad examples of debate may be seen in politics and radical fundamentalist religiosity of various "faiths".

The goal in blogocombat is exploration of different points of view and, ultimately, truth, facts, and mutual appreciation, and tolerance, of opposing opinions.


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