Thursday, April 12, 2007

Revolution in 140 Characters Per Blast

Some people are expressing extreme hatred of Twitter, the Next Big Thing Beyond Blogging.

[EDIT UPDATE: Carrie reminds me that police band and cell phone scanners were a predecessor of Twitter, a distant ancestor of Random Eavesdropping on Private Communications.

I used to love listening to those things, hearing drug deals and guys making their girlfriends cry.]

So why not hate ham radio, or telegraphics, or immersive haptics? Why hate Twitter? Why hate frivolous bursts and nano-drivel? What drives these goofy Twitterphobes?

What makes a normal blogger or podcaster suddenly succumb to Twitterpathic resistance, what makes them try to disparage or block the inevitable necessity of Twitter Triumphant?

What's so disturbing about Twitter and its growing ranks of helpless addicts?

Twitter Haters are angry at what they see, at random, in Twitter messages.

"Boring. Who cares what anybody's doing at any given moment? Stupid idea," proclaims the techno-phobic fuddy duddy.

Mediocre wankers look at how others use a tool.

Geniuses envision new ways to use a tool, for their own purposes.

Telephone communication seemed boring and wasting of time when Alexander Graham Bell first invented them. Who wants to look at people on TV, when there are real people all around you? So go the Luddite arguments against new tech.

Think: what is this Twitter tool? How could this Short Messaging System be used by my company, by my music promotions, by me as a blogger seeking more readers?

Twitter is your chance to make your own Online Inner Circle, and whisper-transmission your intimate thoughts, deepest insights, best tips, and coolest links.

Twitter-haters are against people communicating freely, frequently, and briefly.

Wind bags full of self-important boredom hate Twitter.

Pulpit pounding pundits, who disable comments, hate Twitter.

One way broadcasters hate Twitter.

Prolix loudmouth geysers hate Twitter.

Twitter. So easy even a Luddite caveman can do it.

We the Cult of Twitter, say to you normals: Watch us revolution the web, 140 characters per blast. Blows against the ethereal empire is now in full force.

Twitter your way to the top!

Ways to Use Twitter Professionally

Here's a dope who hates Twitter, and can't see past how it's being used, can't envision how he could use it.

"Lousy content!" they scream hysterically.

"Where's the value?" they whine moronically.

RIP Twitter 2007-2007

Twitter is teaching us how to pack a lot of information, and a link, into one simple sentence, maybe two.

This is a wonderful reformation of the prolix writing style of many bloggers. The discipline of saying something valuable, or interesting, or for your own archives, in just 140 characters, this is an accomplishment one can be proud of.

Anybody can blabber on and on in a blog post that scrolls forever.

To edit your thoughts to 140 characters per message is a thrilling experiment in focus and condensation.

Twittering, like blogging, is a marketable skill. Fast, brief, linked updates are the future of communication, not long winded tomes.

You either Twitter, or you wither.


carrie said...

yeah! good job.

Humour and last laugh said...

The mainstearm always stinks due to the decay. It is impotent and apologist. It resists new ideas.